taper time

this week was the first week of tapering…
Remember in my last post that I bought new shoes, the Asics Cumulus. Well all this week I’ve been running in them and I haven’t really been digging them. My lower legs have been feeling really tight, like I was starting to get shin splints and my calves were really tight. Now that I’m starting to taper for the marathon I was questioning whether it was the shoes or just my body trying to recover from all the training.
But… this morning on my 12 miler… I knew it was my shoes. Besides the fact that we did an “out and back” run up the canyon and it was SUPER windy (and duh… uphill for the the first 6) I was still struggling. My legs were just aching like mad. I was super grouchy and pissed that I was going so slow. Coming back down I was feeling better (mentally, that is…)  and I was running faster, but my legs, knees, shins and everything else from the knee down were still very achy. I knew then that as soon as I showered and got ready I was taking those shoes straight back to Runner’s Corner.
pretty stoked that my last 5 miles were in the 8 minute range
Anywho… took my shoes back to Runner’s Corner. They charged me a 15% restocking fee, which is understandable, I mean I ran 30 miles in them this week.
Although, sometimes I question their customer service skills. I walked in and a girl was ringing up a customer and though I was standing RIGHT THERE she walked away from the desk without even acknowledging me. Nothing infuriates me more than piss-poor customer service. Hello?! I worked in retail all through high school and college. I know what good customer service looks like and what doesn’t. Another employee came up and heard me say “You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me..” and then started helping me and she was very nice.
I ended up going with the Mizuno Wave Riders (though not the newest version, stuck with the 13’s, which is the exact version I was running in this winter/spring). I did have to go up a half size, which the girl assured me that the length is the same from an 11 to 11.5, just the upper over the toe area is more stretchy. They felt good when I was running in them so I felt comfortable buying them. And they felt the best out of the options that I had tried on.
Beginning to think I have a love/hate relationship with Runner’s Corner. I can go in one day and absolutely love everyone in there and they can be full of information and just all around great. But on a day like today… it makes me want to start shopping at 26.2. And I can assure you, had I not had to return the damn Asics today, I would’ve gone to 26.2 to buy my shoes.
*end of my rant*
I had a nail appt with Hilary.
(since I know she reads this… Hi Hilary! Can’t wait to see a pic of the new babe!)
Had fun chatting about babies, running, American Idol (wrong blonde!!) and running, and running and more running.
Rachelle and I had chatted earlier this week about a possible Yogurtland date today and as I was leaving Hil’s house I was getting ready to text her when my jeep started to overheat. F-M-L!
My jeep has been a constant source of financial stress lately. Called my Dad (sorry Diz… I call my Daddy first…) and he was in SLC. Told me not to drive anywhere and to call Diz and have him bring water. Called Diz, started sobbing, and he came to my rescue. Figured out that my coolant reservoir was completely BONE dry.

totally awful, splotchy, acne-fied, sweaty SAD face…
After some investigating… Diz thought it was definitely leaking from somewhere and probably not safe to drive. After a short call to the insurance they had a tow truck out to us in 30 minutes. Ron from Harmon’s Towing showed up and was super nice. We drove out to an automotive repair shop in
Spanish (where it’s been repaired before) and left it there. Crossing my fingers that it won’t be TOO expensive to repair.
On a funny side note, we saw this ding-dong, driving on the freeway.
Totally smart to drive a motorcycle, without a helmet, and carrying golf clubs.
Kept trying to catch up to him to take a side shot, but he was going 80-85mph. Super smart. :/
On another FANTASTIC side note… a bunch of my friends ran the Provo Half Marathon today.
Congrats to Rachelle and Kristy (who placed 3rd and 2nd in their age group!!!) and Julia and Rochelle (who raced her first half today!) So proud of all of you girls!!! You are all AMAZING!
Off to meet my Momma & Daddy for Joe Bandido’s… Nothing cures a bad day like GOOD food!
Have a fabulous weekend!

5 thoughts on “taper time

  1. Julia says:

    OMG. so many things in this post that I relate to. I had the same issues when I just kept trying to “like” the mizunos. My legs were tight all the time. My feet were tight and in pain. It finally dawned on me last week…ummm maybe I should just go with what I know and have liked for 6 months…luckily I went to REI yesterday and they just took the shoes back and gave me a new pair. AND I have the same complaint about Runner’s Corner…when I went to buy my watch…got the BEST info. Then when I went 2 weeks ago…I stood there for an hour before anyone talked to me. NOT COOL. i think i kinda am jealous you all are tapering. i want to be tapering. except that I am not even in shape enough to run a marathon yet. yeah. about that. no big deal really. ha. so sorry about your car!! we should go get fro-yo soon to make up for it! SO glad you are going out for good food! and you ROCKED those last 5 miles! way to go 🙂


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Ash I just love you so much and I totally look forward to your posts because you always make me laugh.I am so so glad you figured out the shoe thing. That would have been awful if you would have suffered through the marathon with those shoes. I am so sad we didn’t get to go to Yogurtland. We should totally go sometime during the week to make up for it.I am so so sorry about your car and am crossing my fingers that they can fix it quick and for cheap. You are always so great to find the silver lining in every bad situation with your motercycle story. I just love you girl! Have a great weekend.


  3. [Red Sox] Wife says:

    you and your mom are SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!I feel the SAME way about RC. I swear every other experience is awesome and the other ones are TERRIBLE. you are SO fast, ash!! and you look GORGEOUS in your wedding dress 🙂 LOVE this post. good luck tapering! I still have 3 weeks till I can taperxx


  4. Jen says:

    That’s so great that they took the shoes back and you got what works for you! It’s too close to the marathon to be messing with that! I’m so sorry about your jeep. Hopefully you were able to get it fixed for not very much moola! Have a great day! Only two more weeks!


  5. Rochelle says:

    Cars suck! And I totally have a love/hate relationship with runner’s corner too! They sometimes make me feel like an idiot for asking questions – but thankfully they are helpful sometimes!And I’m so excited to run with you guys tomorrow – and it was so cool seeing you today! It sucks not having our weekly runs as much anymore – but I’m sooo excited for your marathon!!!!!


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