Tradition in the making??

Last year before Top of Utah  Marathon, I surprised my Mom with a little gift. A tiny ring with our training motto, “shut up and drive”. And my Mom loved it. So I was thinking… why not have another ring made for this year? And I thought and I thought… trying to figure out a great (short) quote for a ring. And the only quote that I could think of was…
“success is not final, failure is not fatal,
It is the courage to continue that counts.”
-winston churchill
I remember seeing the quote on Rachelle’s blog a few months ago and it has always kind of stuck with me.
But since the quote is a little on the longer side (for the ring) I had to upgrade to a bigger style of ring. I ordered them from Kathryn Reichert’s etsy shop.
check it out!
success is not final, failure is not fatal (on the outside)
it is the courage to continue that counts (on the inside)
She is amazing to work with. It took only 2 weeks from the date I ordered them to the day they arrived in the mail.
Gave it to my Mom on Mother’s Day… because like last year, I just couldn’t wait to give it to her right before the marathon. And she loves it. 🙂
Oh yeah… the marathon… is 8 days away. Holy freakin’-out-a-little-bit over here… Tapering is driving me crazy. I want to run. Not run 3 miles here… rest… then 4 miles, rest, rest. Ugh. I cheated a bit yesterday and ran 8. It was supposed to be a rest day. It felt amazing though. I ran 8 miles in 68:30, I hopped on the treadmill, put 7.0mph as my pace and just ran. I was a hot-sweaty-mess when I was done, but I felt GOOD when I was running. Legs felt good, knees and shins and feet ALL felt good. I ran 4 the day before at a great pace and it’s making me feel a little bit better about the race. I’m going to run 3 otoday and then do 8 tomorrow. Next week, I really will be better and follow the taper schedule. And actually take rest days. I may even skip spin… (sorry Janae, don’t want to take any risks… maybe we can go to Yogurtland and/or Pizza Factory instead?!).

3 thoughts on “Tradition in the making??

  1. Julia says:

    ahhhhh!!! that ring is amazing!! such an amazing idea! LOVE IT. you are so sweet. I CANT BELIEVE THE MARATHON IS SO CLOSE. you all will do so great though. I am so excited for you all! lets please hang out wed night. I am already devastated that I am missing Monday! Yogurtland!?!


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    I love the ring. Such a great idea and I must admit that I do love that quote. :)Loved running with you today girl it was such a great confidence boosting run. You are so ready for this marathon and I really can’t wait to see how you do. You are awesome Ash!! Have a great day.P.S. I can’t believe you cheated, I am so jealous.


  3. Muncher Cruncher says:

    That ring is AWESOME! I’m getting so excited for you!! You are going to ROCK the freaking crap out of that marathon. I just know it. Good luck tapering! I think we should do some pre-marathon PF? no? Loved seeing you on friday! xoxoxo


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