Super Duper Saturday

Started out the day with an 8 miler down the canyon. Rachelle and Rochelle met at my house at 7 this morning. I let Diz sleep in and we took off in my Jeep-Jeep and drove up left hand fork, parked on the side of the road, hopped out and took off… for about 200 feet. Then some JERK in a red Ford pick up truck stopped us and asked us to “not park on his property”. Complained about all the “people” (aka: us poor folk that live outside of the canyon) parking on his property and damaging his land. Umm… pretty sure it was just dirt and some grass. There weren’t any shrubs, tulips, trees, rose bushes, or anything of value for that matter, that my jeep had “damaged”. Oh… and he said, “as a landowner, I have the right to have your vehicle towed.” Whatever… the only right you have is being a rich, egotistical jerk.
*end rant*
got back in the car, drove up RIGHT hand fork
(YEAH! It’s open!!! And WAY more gorgeous than left hand fork)
Β and ran down. (love going DOWN!)
Had a fantastic FANTASTIC run! 8 miles in 1:04:30, for an average pace of 8:05! Trying to keep up with Rachelle definitely guarantees a great run! here are the splits- 7:38, 7:36, 7:51, 8:18, 8:15,8:12, 7:58, 8:48.
Yeah… that last mile… was just a tad hard. As soon as we turned into my neighborhood we hit a STRONG head wind. Apparently, Rachelle is more aerodynamic than me, because she just kept going, didn’t slow down at all… I tried to draft behind her… but seeing as how I’m bigger than her, it didn’t help. LOL. I was so pumped when we got done. I’ve been giddy all day long. I told Rachelle I wanted a confidence boosting run and I definitely got one! If I can just keep up with her at Ogden I’ll qualify for Boston, no prob. πŸ˜‰
and how do you continue a fabulous day after a fabulous run??
You meet my Momma & Daddy for lunch at Pizza Factory, shopping at Costco, and get Yogurtland.
ALL in the same day! πŸ™‚
Β Me & Momma

ο»Ώwe are sooo pretty…
During our Costco adventure, we bought a HUGE bag of potting soil, becauseΒ I wanted to try my hand at growing a “garden” again this year. I put garden in quotes… because… we are ghetto. And we use big planters, not the ground. We also cheated a little and bought a pre-grown tomato plant from Costco. Chances are slightly more in my favor if the thing is already grown and almost producing tomatoes. πŸ™‚
I stopped at Diamonds Greenhouse in Springville and bought some cherry tomato plants and some zucchini plants and some flowers. Because I wanted a pretty planter by our front door.
Β my pretty flower planter
some spikey thing in the middle, geraniums, and mini-pansy thingees
Β my “cheater” tomato plant from Costco
if you look closely, in the upper left corner, there a few flowers… which means tomatoes!
my zucchini plants. I really hope this works. I LOVE zucchini!
Ran out of potting soil to plant the cherry tomato plants. :/
apparently a Costco size bag is not enough…
I’ll hit up Walmart tomorrow and grab some more soil.ο»Ώ
this is just because…
how cute is Abby dog?
Maybe she can run the July 4th 5k with us this year! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Super Duper Saturday

  1. Rachelle Wardle says:

    It was seriously such a fabulous run yesterday morning. Thank you so much for letting me tag along with you. I have really enjoyed all of these training runs. And seriously you did not need me to run that fast you are just an awesome runner. I was trying to keep up with you at the beginning. :)It looks like you had such a fun day yesterday and I am so jealous of your garden. Can you please share with me? Love ya and have a great day!!


  2. Ann says:

    I wrote a “super saturday” post yesterday! Although, I only went 6 miles and my splits are about twice as slow as yours. LOL. I loooove reading your blog – I was just telling Jay we are kindred spirit twinsies. I’m convinced since I ALSO had fro-yo yesterday!!


  3. [Red Sox] Wife says:

    haha LOVED that rant. people are SO rude! I mean come on you guys were working out early in the morning… what a jerk. I would have totally told him off.I wish I could run with you guys! I was telling rachelle that maybe by july I can run fast enough to keep up with you???? I cant wait to see your garden grow. and that puppy is the cutest!!!


  4. Stefanie D. says:

    Sounds like a great run! Great job. :)Funny story about the crazy guy. I wonder if it was my boss. He has a home up the canyon, and would totally say something like that. πŸ™‚


  5. Jen says:

    What a great run to end your training with! That should be a huge confidence booster! You are so speedy! I can’t wait until this weekend and am getting nervous already! We need to plan where and when to meet! The earlier dinner is the better for me! Gardening in pots is not cheating! It’s awesome! You’re gonna have tomatoes really soon I bet! What a great weekend!


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