wednesday thoughts…

Since I missed Triple Tangent Tuesday… these are my Wednesday thoughts…
 I may never go to a tanning bed again… Fo’ Realz’
I’ve used the natural glow express for last 3 days and I’m tan… and not Lindsay Lohan oompa loompa fake orange, like a normal I’ve been in the sun for the last week (which obviously… since Utah weather is freakin’ bi-polar… is not true). I just tried the Neutrogena spray today, mainly so I could try to get my back to match the rest of me. LOL. and I may have sprayed everywhere else too… I wanna look ‘savage’ tan for my marathon and Glee concert.
(gotta look my best *just in case* I meet Puck, Finn, Artie, Sam, Rachel, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Mr. Shue, Mike, Mercedes, Tina or Sue etc etc)
yeah… I’m OCD. I’m basically packed for Ogden/Vegas already.
Anytime anyone brings up the marathon I get super sick to my stomach and end up running to the bathroom. LOL. You would think that this would get easier and that I wouldn’t get nervous since this is my 4th marathon… but I think this may be the worst case of nerves I’ve ever had.
i hate tapering. Today is a rest day and I feel like a slug. I’ve been trying to stay busy and clean, do laundry, change the sheets, wash my hair (haha!), and wash dishes… I guess I can go to work at some point today. 😉
 this was taken on Saturday night…
does this look even remotely comfortable?! uhh… I think not… but…
He slept like this for at least an hour.
p.s. don’t look at his bum crack.

14 thoughts on “wednesday thoughts…

  1. Rochelle says:

    I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Mostly for the glee concert – but the whole marathon thing is freaking awesome too! I just saw the weather changed from being rainy hat day to sun! I was worried for a little bit for you guys! I can’t wait to hear all about your weekend!!! And that picture is classic….men and babies can sleep in the most uncomfortable places! LOL


  2. [Red Sox] Wife says:

    ahaha that last pic is HILARIOUS!!! my hubs would KILL me of I posted something like that online!! lol. OMG YOURE GOING TO A GLEE CONCERT?!?!?!?!so so so jealousssss take lots of pictures!!!!!


  3. Rachelle Wardle says:

    I can’t believe you are already packed I feel like such a slacker because I haven’t even decided what I’m wearing yet. Eeek!That picture made me laught so freaking hard. Love it!I know it is hard and these days have been dragging but try to remember you have done all the training necessary and you are prepared. You are going to do great I just know it! 🙂 Love ya girl!


  4. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    AHHH THAT PIC OF DIZ MADE MY DAY!!! I need to try on your spray tans!!! Um, how come you haven’t told me about Vegas!?!?! GLEE CONCERT….ahhhhh, I am dying here!!! You are going to rock OGDEN!!! Can’t wait to see you in 8 hours!


  5. Julia says:

    bahahaha!!! I did not even notice his “bum crack” till you said something. hilarious!!! EEEEEEEKKKKK. I am so jealous of your weekend! heading to vegas will be the Ultimate reward post-marathon!!


  6. Monica says:

    That is the greatest pic ever. Seriously, what is with guys and their cracks always showing? I can totally relate to the nerves. I have run 15 marathons and just thinking about someone else getting ready to run one can make me sick to my stomach. Good luck, it is a beautiful run.


  7. Jen says:

    That picture made me laugh so hard! Guys… it’s not fair how they can sleep in any position. I am so excited/nervous too. But it’s gonna be a good day for you! I love how you’re already packed. So jealous that you get to go to Glee. What a great reward! Only 2 more sleeps!


  8. Ann says:

    Okay. Lots of things to say. We have that couch, and we LURVE it. Best couch ever.Also – I’ve been looking for a good self-tanner… I will have to try, yes?Also – I am a total Gleek and I am SO jelly that you are going to the concert!Are you on Facebook? Can we PLEASE be facebook friends? Twitter?Not to be a super creep, I wrote a post all about Utah today. 🙂


  9. Holley @ Lunges and Lashes says:

    OMG does he KNOW you put that picture on there!?! HA! Love it. Okay, let’s talk about these tanners… which one is better? I am the ultimate whitey, but thought about giving some fake tanners a try this summer. A little tan goes a long way for your muscle definition you know?


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