a 5K, proposal, blogger date, and lovin on my jeep-jeep

all in a day…
Ran the Art City/Nestle 5k with my Momma this morning.
I forgot to stop my garmin right as I crossed, but as I was CHICKING runners on the straightaway (except the one guy… and i almost had him) I glanced at the clock and it was 25:00… so I’m sticking with that time. I had a really good race, definitely pushed at the end, but accomplished my goal of not KILLING myself and I should be able to have a good long run tomorrow.
My Momma is a ROCKSTAR (Holla!!)
placed 2nd in her age group with a time of 24:22 (garmin)
Ready for the FRICKIN’ CUTEST, MOST-DARLING-est STORY ever???
k… so my friend Allie and her parents were running the 5k today too and Allie’s boyfriend came down to watch her run in… and HE PROPOSED at the FINISH LINE! How freakin’ cute is that?
Her dad came over to us and told us we should go talk to her.
(We had lots of friends running the race so we were making the rounds)
but… I ran up behind her and gave her a huge hug and she turns around and says
I was jumping up and down and screaming like a school girl. I should probably be embarrassed, but I’m not. 🙂
I’m so, so, so, so, SO excited for Allie and Chris!
bling bling baby!
after the 5k, headed home, got all purty-fied, and headed to Terra Mia to meet up with these gorgeous ladies!
Elena, Holly, her lil boy Nicholas, Julia, Sarah, Rachelle, baby James, Amber, Emily, me, Janae, and Rachelle
Had a blast chatting with the girls. I ordered the chopped salad. It was SO good. Had chunks of blue cheese, salami, some other white cheese, and hard boiled eggs… and a yummy vinaigrette dressing. Yum!
Then this little guy
kept hinting he wanted Yogurtland… so of course we headed there!
(seriously?? this kid is adorable. gorgeous eyes, dark hair, faux hawk…. ADORABLE)

 this little guy is a cutie too! cutest chubby cheeks and beautiful eyes!
(amber and baby james)
the Yogurtland group (minus Rachelle-HungryRunnerSis)
I was feeling super sleepy while we were wrapping up at Yogurtland, so I high-tailed it home with the windows down and cranking my stereo… and decided my jeep-jeep needed some serious lovin’
wiped down and polished the inside, picke
d up all the trash (water bottles, random ziploc baggies, receipts), found a pair of gloves, ear warmers and TWO ice scrapers.
Then I took off to my Mom’s house to wash and vacuum.
(I didn’t want to take over the landlord’s driveway… I’m sure they wouldn’t mind… but seeing as how I was rocking out to Adele, Britney, and Gaga I decided I should do that in front of my parents house instead)
 Can’t wait for the summer to drive top-less!
(the jeep… not me! Ha Ha!)
Look Ma! I even cleaned the cup holders!
 They only had to soak in the sink while I was at my parents house… so gross…
(the white stuff on the seat cover is spilled coffee… how can I spill coffee when my cups all have lids?!!)
the back seat cup holders… clean as a WHISTLE!
Did anyone else have a race this weekend?
Anyone get engaged??
Who wants to go for a drive in my super-sparkly-clean JeepJeep?!
p.s. Ann convinced (aka begged) me to get a twitter. tweet tweet @Ash_and_Diz

10 thoughts on “a 5K, proposal, blogger date, and lovin on my jeep-jeep

  1. Rochelle says:

    I’m still so bummed I had to work this morning. I wanted to do all those things you did – minus cleaning my car! I can’t believe your time – you and your mom are rockstars!!!


  2. Julia says:

    ummmm i am majorly impressed by your car!!! that thing is freaking spotless. It is putting my car to some serious shame right now! your day sounds so AWESOME! loved every second of reading this post…what a seriously fun day. and I am obsessed with that proposal story! and you killed that race. LOVE IT. YAY TWITTER. although I do not really understand twitter. i usually just stalk other people…but maybe I will tweet more than once this week. only time will tell 😉


  3. kara t. says:

    Can you come clean my car? It’s filthy! Way to go on your race, that is a fantastic time and props to your mom for earning recognition! I am sure if you have a lot of Utah followers than there is at least one person that got engaged 😉


  4. Mrs. JM says:

    now when i comment on your blog you won’t wonder “who the heck is this stalker!?” you can be assured i’m normal. sort of. i was so glad to meet you ash! i love reading your writing. i was really hoping you would make the lunch yesterday so i could meet you in person.now … i’m going to go clean my car. you’ve just inspired me and with three kids, it REALLY needs it bad.how was your run today?


  5. Rachelle Wardle says:

    What a fabulous Saturday! Love it! I love you and your Mom and the engagement story. So freaking cute!!It was so fun to hangout with you Saturday and thanks for the cute picture of Amber and James. (I totally stole it..hope you don’t mind.)Have a good week girl and lets do lunch soon. Also would you want to ride up to the marathon with me sat morning? I could pick you up. I promise to not be late. ha!


  6. cupcakedynamite says:

    My dad used to have a Jeep when I was little- I’ve ALWAYS wanted one of my own! Great job on your 5k- so sweet about the proposal! I hope my boyfriend somehow reads this! 😉 -Jamie


  7. Jen says:

    I wish you would come and deep clean my car! But it would be back to its normal self with in hours with my 4 kids. I’ve kind of given up for now. You are so speedy! What a great race day! And ending with a proposal? The best! I can’t wait to see you this weekend! Are you going to the blogger meet up Friday night?See you soon!


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