24 hours…

Holy Shiz! in 24 hours I’ll be running Utah Valley Marathon. AHHH!
During work yesterday I was walking out of our optical shop and these bright pink shades caught me eye. Like, literally, did a double take. LOL. Tried these babies on, took ’em for a test drive outside. Loved ’em.
Told the optical girls I would think about it… and I did… for about 45 minutes, texted my Mom, said I found a new pair of shades. I knew she’d be supportive. In addition to be addicted to running, she’s also got an addiction to sunglasses. 🙂
So, I bought these bright pink Nike Miler sunglasses.
super-affordable. super lightweight.
the lenses aren’t polarized like my Maui Jim’s but these are so much lighter!
I feel like an 80’s chick with them on. Love!
do i look like I can run fast??
i’m a THUG… you betta recognize! 😉
A bunch of us blogger chics are getting together at Yogurtland tonight at 5pm…
If you are running the half or full UV Marathon, be there!
It’s where all the cool kids hang out! 😉
Now, if you’ll excuse me… I need to start carb-loading!
P.S. Check out Megan’s MUSIC giveaway!! Ends on the 14th! Check it out!

12 thoughts on “24 hours…

  1. Muncher Cruncher says:

    You are so darling! I love those glasses! I didn’t get the memo about yogurtland until now!! 😦 I’m so sad! I hope you guys had fun. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! You are freaking going to be awesome. I will be at work thinking about you! I wish I could come cheer you on! YAY!! xoxoxo


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