Utah Valley Marathon

the night before…
We had a blogger meet-up at Yogurtland, because where else would we go??
Rachelle gave us all cute little goody bags with a little message “Just Keep Swimming”
Came home, made dinner. Chicken breast with maplewood seasoning and a big ol’ yam. I forgot how much I love yams… so good. I need to start eating those more often!
Paced back and forth, checking and rechecking my bags. Finally got into bed around 9:30. Started to read in an attempt to shut my mind off and fall asleep. However, the grandchildren of my landlord like to play this AWESOME little game of “Jump Off The Couch and Make Ashley’s Frames Rattle on her Bedroom Wall WHILE SHE IS TRYING TO SLEEP”. This lasted for about 30 minutes before I stomped up the stairs and told my landlord that I had a race the next morning and that IT WAS REALLY LOUD DOWNSTAIRS. :/
***sweet silence after that***
oh and since Springville’s Art City Days was also going on I got to listen to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song and the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song by some stupid acapella group that was CRANKING OUT the awful tunes at mind numbing volume.
not really sure when I finally fell asleep. but my 2:05am alarm sure came pretty quick!
Woke up early… Yup 2:05, hit snooze once, then freaked out and got up anyways. Came out to the kitchen and started a small pot of coffee. I decided I was going to drink a little bit of coffe to help get things moving (if you know what I mean… lol) and since I had almost 4 hours til I was going to run I figured I was safe.


I got dressed. Went to the bathroom (WOO HOO!). Checked and re-checked and re-checked my bag. And then checked again. I get just a tad OCD on race day. Just a little, tiny bit. At 3:10 I woke up Sundance since he agreed to drive me and Rachelle to the shuttles in Provo. And I didn’t even have to beg him. He simply agreed, no questions asked. That is why I love him! As he was getting ready my phone rang… It was Rachelle, her Garmin was being spastic and wouldn’t turn on. She said she was on her way to her sister’s to pick up her Garmin and that she might be a few minutes late. She called a few minutes later and said that her sister’s Garmin was dead too and that she was gonna sit and let it charge for as long as she could before the bus left. So Diz took me to the shuttles in Provo. It was REALLY weird for me to not be heading to the shuttles with my Mom.
Yeah… I’m a Momma’s girl. I will admit it, I have NO shame.
I love my Momma. And I LOVE being able to run with her.
I called Jen because I knew she was gonna be there waiting for me and some of the other girls. I kissed Diz good bye and told him to be on the LEFT side of the finish line so I could see him at the end. And I joined Jen and Julia and we hopped on a bus.
This is when I really started getting nervous. Like major butterfly tummy. Oh man. The bus seemed to take FOREVER and I started to realize that the advertised “downhill” course may not be the WHOLE truth. We were gonna have some hills. Like quite a few. Finally got to the start and we headed for the port-o-potties. 🙂
 Saw Steph and Holly. Wished them good luck. Snagged a TON of free vanilla Hammer Gels. Went to the bathroom again. Finally found Rachelle. She got on the VERY LAST bus! Went to go to the bathroom again, but the lines were too long and we all just chalked it up to nerves. Took my beta-alanine. Got the tingly face tingles. Got our bags ready to dump in the truck and headed to the start line. Said our “Good Luck”s and hugged. Rachelle headed to the front. Julia and Jen headed to the mid-back and I ended up somewhere in the middle. And the gun went off!!!
And we were off!
Honestly the first few miles seemed to fly by. I knew by mile 3 that I was going to have to stop for the bathroom… but I was able to get to mile 5, did my business, and took off again. When I hit the mile marker for mile 7, I thought to myself “Wait a second…where was the hill on mile 6 that everyone was talking about? Did I already run it?” Then we turned out of Wallsburg and then I saw it… the damn hill was actually mile 7. (They changed the course a little from last year). It felt like St. George and Veyo hill. And I conquered that hill, so I could conquer this one. This hill could kiss my butt! I climbed slowly, but surely. But I got to the top, recovered and kept going. Then we had another hill, and a downhill, hill, downhill, hill, hill, downhill, it was vicious cycle. LOL. The advertisements for this race were deceiving. “Beautiful DOWNHILL course”, “fastest marathon in the Valley, in Utah”… umm. You asshats lied. This course has hills, and lots of them. The course actually reminded me A LOT of St. George. Yes, overall, you lose elevation, but there were still hills, and I wasn’t quite ready for them. I hit the half way mark right at 2 hours. At this point I pretty much knew I wasn’t getting a sub 4:00, but thought I could possibly PR, but I wasn’t stressing it and I wasn’t killing myself for not hitting a certain time. Still, I enjoyed the race and actually ran into quite a few people while running. I saw one of my Docs that I work for and his friend around mile 15. Then ran into Blair (Kelsey’s father in law) and ran with him for a bit. It was nice to take my mind off of the marathon and just chat for a bit.
I kept my same dedication miles as Ogden Marathon. Though I found myself thinking of those people at random times during the marathon. Like, at Deer Creek, I kept looking up in the sky, looking for a hot-air balloon or a plane. I couldn’t stop thinking about Brad and my Grandma. I kept thinking “where are they? Where’s the balloon?” And even though I couldn’t see them, I knew they were there.
I thought about Mr. P. His wife called the office on Friday and he was back in the hospital and she wanted Dr. T to come check on him. I told Dr. T (via text) to tell him that I was running Mile 20 for him the next day.
Stacey jumped in with me at Mile 21 and I was SOOOO happy to see her! And I didn’t cry! LOL. We chatted for a bit and she told me I looked great and we just kept running. Then something kinda crazy happened. Some chick on a bike came up next to me, and she goes “Are you Ashley?” “Yeah” “Cool, I’m Monica, I stalk your blog.” I just giggled. She was super sweet and offered me some water, had I not just drank 5 cups at mile 21 aid station, I totally would’ve taken her up on her offer. Because according to Julia, whatever she had in her bottle was AMAZING. She told me I looked great and to keep going. And she went back to find Julia and give her a pep talk. At this point we were hitting Mile 22. I knew Janae was going to be here and I kept looking for her. As soon as I spotted her I started screaming her name. She was taking a picture and had momentarily turned away from the road, when she turned around she basically leapt from the sidewalk on to the road and started running with Stacey and I. We saw Julia’s siblings, Jennifer and Timothy! They probably thought I was crazy… some random chick hollering at them!
pic from Julia’s bro!
At about Mile 23 I really started to feel the muscle fatigue set in. I had honestly been feeling pretty good up til then. My legs were just so done. Had to walk a little bit.
Then at Mile 25 Stacey tells me “Make Marge proud!” OMG… tears formed in my eyes and my bottom lip started to quiver just a bit. Seriously, best thing she could have said to me. I really wanted to get that last mile done for my Grandma. I could see the finish line!! Oh man! We were getting close. Janae said that Billy would be out taking pics of us! Sad to say… this is the best one…
FML. Why was everyone telling me I looked great?! Freaking liars! LOL.
I was soooo happy when we finally got to the finish chutes… Stacey and Janae jumped off the course. Janae turned around for Julia and Stacey stayed with me, just on the outside of the chutes, yelling for people to cheer. I started yelling at people to cheer for me! “COME ON PEOPLE!!! I’M RUNNING A MARATHON!!! CHEER FOR ME!” Then I saw Diz, waving his arms! Yeah!!! I saw Diz!! Woo! I certainly didn’t feel like I was sprinting, nor did I “chick” anyone at the finish. But according to my garmin, somewhere in the last .3 (yup… my garmin clocked 26.31 miles) I hit a 5:18 pace… certainly didn’t feel that fast. But both Stacey and Janae told me that I definitely picked up my pace that last mile and when I got to the chutes.
looking for Diz
big THANKS to Holley for this pic
and this one! this is me YELLING at people to cheer for me!
I finished in 4:06:41 (garmin time) 9:23 average pace
My 5th Marathon.
My 2nd Marathon in 3 weeks.
Not a sub 4:00, not a PR.
And I couldn’t care less. 🙂
me and Diz
Holley and Me
Rachelle, me, and Janae
I am beyond thrilled with my results. I felt good mentally the ENTIRE race, and physically good until mile 23. Taking more gels DEFINITELY helped and I will for sure be doing the same gel schedule again next time. You don’t burn brain cells when your muscles have Accel Gel calories to burn instead. And I think the beta alanine helped for sure. Usually I start feeling the muscle fatigue between 18 and 20. This time, it wasn’t until 23. I think next time I may take a second dose around the half way mark.
after the marathon…
After downing 2 rockstar recovery drinks (my new fav drink), Diz and I headed to SmashBurger.
Got some chicken burger with avocado and bacon and sweet potato fries. Seriously could’ve eaten another burger and about 4 more servings of fries. Saw Janae outside of Yogurtland, because it’s her second home. And she invited us to come with her and B-dawg and her sis to Orem Summerfest that night.
Then Diz took me to the mall. I went shopping at Express. At the Clinique counter in Nordy’s and tried to convince Diz to try on a pair of Toms. He wasn’t having it.
After downing ANOTHER (double size) Rockstar Recovery drink (that makes it 600+mg of caffeine for the day) and suffering through awful traffic to Orem we finally made it to the carnival to meet up with Janae-nae, B-dawg and Rachelle.
Yes, we matched. Not planned. I swear.
Janae, I admit I am a little obsessed with you, but it was not my intention to match exactly. LOL.
Great minds think alike?!
The boys had to have a pic after we all had one.
Watched fireworks and ate my weight in orange chicken.
Found out the boys were watch twinners… though Janae didn’t post the pic so I can’t steal it from her. 😉 hilarious, I tell you.
I was asleep by the time Diz put the Jeep into first gear. 🙂
and you thought I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep with the 600+mg of caffeine… ha!
The end.

15 thoughts on “Utah Valley Marathon

  1. Julia says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! and I am loving all of the pics. That one of all of you all near the finish is too cute! and fun! I am so proud of you for finishing so strong, yelling at the crowd to get with it and finishing with a smile on your face! you are an inspiration to me and I look up to you so much! It was kind of good to hear that this was similar to St. George. I remembered you saying that there were more hills than people give it credit for so glad to know that this is something of what to expect. Awesome job on the fueling! So happy you found what works best for you! And LOVE those pics of you two crazies matching. haha! hope to see you soon to CELEBRATE 🙂 Congrats on an awesome race, your 2nd in 3 weeks and your FIFTH marathon!


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Love it! Great re-cap and such a great race. That is fabulous that you felt good most of the race. Love that! 5 marathons girl you are amazing!I agree about taking more gels. I think that made a huge difference as well. You and Janae look so freaking cute in the picture. I love it!


  3. Stephanie says:

    Good job Ashley!! You did great and I still can’t believe you did 2 marathons in 3 weeks. Smashburger is were I went for dinner that night and man it is DELICIOUS. That chicken sandwich is awesome. I love that you and Janae matched, it was a very cute outfit!


  4. Jen says:

    Loved your recap! I’m just so glad everything went good for you! I can’t believe you ran that fast at the end of the marathon! ROCK STAR!!! It was so fun getting to spend time with you the night before and the morning of! It was really good for me.And thanks for your kind words. I needed it. 3 weeks was really kind of crazy huh. I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences over the rest of the summer.


  5. Mrs. JM says:

    great race recap! you’re such a rock star. i am glad you thought that course was “hilly” because SO DID I when i ran it last year!!! that hill out of walsberg is gnarly and it was pouring at that point last year. i am so glad you girls had nice weather. i thought about you all running up in there all morning. anyway, great work. i’m gonna try the beta stuff. where do you buy it?


  6. michael. mindy. dane. says:

    oh my heck. this is amazing. i LOVE reading this! serious. i can’t even fathom running that far or for that long. you are a freaking rockstar! good job!! seriously! so cool. and i love love that you write about all of it. it is fascinating to me! ah! okay. i can stop being creepo. the end 🙂


  7. Nikki says:

    Great Recap! I LOVE that you were yelling at everyone to cheer for you! Congrats on 5 marathons!! That is AMAZING!! Keep it up! Beautiful wedding pictures by the way! Congratulations on that too!Definitely cause for celebrations for you! Great job!


  8. Julia @ The Bosky Blog says:

    You are SUCH A ROCKSTAR!! You should always wear yellow, it’s amazing on you.Every time you post a recap, I am in awe. I can’t believe no one was cheering for you, shame.Congrats on another stellar race, you will always impress me!♥


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