Roses and a Pool Date

Tuesday was our anniversary and I was teasing Diz all day on Tuesday that I hadn’t got my roses yet…
he told me the delivery truck broke down.
crazy how it worked out cuz’
I had red roses when I got home from work. πŸ™‚
Went to dinner at Tucano’s
our servers kept commenting on the amount of meat we were eating.
umm… yeah, you have a good salad bar, but I came for the meat.
now bring me my teriyaki beef and grilled pineapple.
P.S. Did you realize that it’s finally summer weather??!! FINALLY!!
Yesterday, I got to take this lil munchkin to the pool with me.
Β Seriously… she’s 12. and way hotter (and cooler) than me.
this is just not right.
Β Janae-nae met up with us for some fun in the sun.
I’m a thug. haters gonna hate!
no worries though… I was trying to be an adult and take care of my cousin Brooklyn, by making her wear sunscreen. When she complained/whined that she didn’t know how to put on sunscreen, she wasn’t lying. little munchkin has white handprints and streaks on her legs. :/
this is why I don’t have kids yet.
oh… and I should’ve listened to myself. my adult-self has some sunkissed patches…
that spf12 spray tan oil may not have been enough for the first official pool day of the year.
and do you wanna know *just* how NOT cool I am?
Brooklyn informed me when we got home that she had 44 notifications on facebook. 44!
I don’t think I get that many in a YEAR. πŸ™‚
Brookie- I give up. You are WAY cooler than me. πŸ™‚

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