camping (new-trailer style) and a birthday run

{{ OMG- I am officially pissed off because I had this entire post typed out and hit “Publish”
and stupid Blogger deleted it! WTF… so… here we go with ROUND 2. }}
This last weekend we down to Palisades State Park to camp.
Well… kind of camp. My parents just bought a sweet new trailer/toy hauler.
I don’t camp in the ‘traditional’ sense. I need running water, electricity and a bed. πŸ™‚
we took our 4-wheelers and Josh’s rhino to go play around on the trails.
last year when we came to Palisades it was freezing cold. Like miserable. Snowing, muddy, dirty-gross-nastiness. this year… was a tad different.
we could have worn our swimsuits. it was so HOT!
good thing I wore my black shirt and dark denim jeans. I got to absorb ALL the sun’s rays! πŸ˜‰
brookie and me
me and diz
he’s rocking the black shirt, too
great minds think alike
momma and posh
(like how she wears herΒ helmet while in the rhino?
she’s just being a good example for brookie.
josh says it’s like wearing a helmet to drive my jeep…)
Abby-dog in the rhino-bed. chillaxin.
only tried to jump out once… because we were climbing the steepest dang hill.
she probably figured she could just walk up faster. πŸ˜‰
brookie and my dad
so remember how I said it was so HOT we needed our swimsuits?!
yeah… well, Utah weather is bipolar.
We woke up to POURING rain on sunday.
so the boys decided to start the campfire (in the rain)
which is totally do-able with enough lighter fluid and gasoline
yeah… that’s right. GASOLINE and LIGHTER FLUID.
quote of the trip “gasoline isn’t that combustible!”
which is why our neighbors all turned to stare at the 10 foot burst of flames coming from our fire pit.
surprisingly enough the boys are not missing any eyelashes or eyebrows.
me and diz waiting for breakfast
momma and me
brookie… had no idea I was taking photos of her.
silly girl and her cell phone. she was SO relieved that she got cell coverage
so she could text all her BFFs in boise.
Dad making breakfast
eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. yum!!!
Did i mention that while we were waiting for breakfast
we busted out the smores supplies and starbursts.
nothing like a pre-breakfast snack of PURE sugar.
camping is all about the food, right?!
Abby in jail.
(she struggles with fire safety… she forgets her fur is flammable
and liked to sit VERYCLOSE to the fire… so she had to sit in jail while we ate)
after breakfast, we started to pack up… which meant putting the beds UP so we could get the rhino back into the ‘toy-hauler’ part of the trailer.
What’s on the bottom of the bed?? Metal legs.
Josh learned this lesson the hard way.
Bed – 1, Joshie – 0
Brookie and her dang cell phone.
LOL. Poor kid had to put up with us ALL weekend long giving her a hard time about her cell phone and her 8billion texts a day. I’m surprised she didn’t try to hitch hike back to Boise. πŸ˜‰
Today is my Mom’s birthday.
She didn’t want the traditional birthday dinner…
NOPE… she wanted to go for a run and get Yogurtland after.
I wasn’t too excited for the run part… but I couldn’t pass up Yogurtland.
We met Josh at the mouth of Provo Canyon and ran up to Bridal Veil and back.
It was a tough run. it was hot. 88 degrees. and I wore all black.
(I should’ve learned that lesson from camping…)
Ended up being about 7.5 miles.
Got passed going UP the canyon by a guy in a wheelchair.
This guy, later learned his name is Josh, is an amazing athlete.
After he passed me the first time, he flipped his chair backwards and continued to beat me going UPHILL.
I just stared in awe (and tried to keep up).
I would just start to catch him and we’d hit a downhill and BOOM! off he went!
When I finally made it back to the car, my mom and bro were chatting him up. He was a real cool guy! Did a 30-mile ride yesterday (in only 1.5 hours!). AMAZING.
He’s racing the Freedom Festival 10k and said he’d see us at the start.
we all joked that he’d be waiting for us at the finish line! πŸ™‚
any who… back to my Mom’s bday!
We took off to Yogurtland to meet up with my Dad and Dizzle.
They have PEPPERMINT flavor now…
I think I died from excitement. LOL
Peppermint fro-yo with oreos and white chocolate chips = DELICIOUS!
(p.s. I totally earned it today… 3.1 mile run before work and then a 7.5 mile run in the canyon after work)
Momma and me!
the boys wanted nothing to do with my pictures…
I think they are figuring out that most of the pictures end up on the blog now. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “camping (new-trailer style) and a birthday run

  1. Ericka says:

    So, I recently read/stalk HRG’s blog and found your awesome blog thru hers. I love how you guys meet up sometimes at Yo-land and I wish we could have met up while you were at Palisades. Why would we ever meet up there you ask? Well I live there! Crazy how many people come to Sanpete County. Anyhoo, I am new to the whole running thing and I just had to have my knee scoped so I’m just doing the healing thing right now but I love reading the running blogs and can’t wait to get back out…Think I’ll do one up by lake:) ❀ Ericka


  2. Julia says:

    ummm you are amazing!!! your running yesterday was hard core!! way to go! and I LOVE camping. SO fun! and smores = best thing ever! oh and that peppermint fro-yo…amazing as well! can’t wait to see you soon!!!!


  3. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Love it!! Your camping trip looks like a blast and that Rhino looks so fun. Too cute that your Mom is wearing her helmet. Love her!Happy Birthday to your sweet Mamma! She is seriouly one of the nicest people I know and I hope she enjoyed her special day. :)Goodjob on the 10+ miles you are a rockstar!


  4. michael. mindy. dane. says:

    looks so fun! the camping part, i mean. not the 7.5 mile run. i would die! haha. but seriously…also, i’m from manti! so we grew up living at palisades! we called it the beach. it was the closest thing we had. haha.


  5. Jenn says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast! the younger generation and their texting. I mean….it really makes me feel old to think about the way that technology shapes their lives and how removed I feel since I didnt havea ohone to COLLEGE. Anyway. I love your blog! my life has been kicking me so hard latiely that I have not blogged AT ALL!


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