Live. Survive. Thrive.

Yesterday, Joshie and I ran the American Fork Canyon 1/2 Marathon
I cannot believe how well organized this race was, especially for the first year!
Josh was nice enough to pick up our race packets the night before and host a carb-loading party the night before at his house! My payback was that I had to drive us to AF in the early morning.
very early morning! :/
picked Joshie up at 3:45am and got to AF about 4:30 ( i think… i was still sleepy! )
Joshie and I at AF highschool. the busses were already lined up and ready to go!
like I said… SO organized!
We hopped on a bus and drove up the canyon.
It felt like we were driving FOREVER… turns out we didn’t drive the actually course at the beginning.
Got to the start line. went potty a few times. (you know how I am…)
Julia finally spotted us and we chatted a bit with her and Rachelle.
the race started RIGHT on time.
This was an amazing course. VERY downhill! I was able to stick with Josh for the first 2 miles, but then I had to stop to potty! grr!ย but I’m not sure I would’ve been able to keep up with him the whole way.
Josh finished in 1:37!! took 6 minutes off his PR! freakin’ MACHINE!
7:24 pace!
Here are my splits. *bathroom stops at mile 3 and 8*

still in shock I had that many sub 8:00 miles…
no wonder I slowed down after mile 9.
still not sure mile 6 is right… 6:55??
In my defense… I felt great running the first half.
with the exception of the bathroom stops I didn’t feel like I was dying.
I knew I was running faster than my usual pace but I felt great so I just kept going.
During the run I definitely tried to keep my loved ones in my thoughts.
I passed one girl who was running in honor of her Mom who had passed away last year.
I got a little choked up. I just wanted to run up to her and give her a big hug and tell her I’m sure her Mom was so proud of her for running in her honor.
I thoughtย of Jim because of where we were running. We had a BEAUTIFUL canyon run down. Jim loved the outdoors. When I felt like walking I thought of Kelly and how she NEVER stopped fighting her cancer. I thought of Grandma and how she’d tell me to “run faster dammit!”. and of course I thought of Ashley C.’s momma, Nancy, and grandma Jane and how they both KICKED breast cancers ass! I saw Nancy about 3/4 mile from the finish. I was hootin’ & hollerin’ at her and pointing to the back of my shirt! ๐Ÿ™‚
I kept telling myself that there were survivors running this race and I had no reason to walk or complain about how tired I was. I am a healthy young woman who is so fortunate to be able to run and not have to worry about my health. I was PROUD to run this race for the many victims of cancer in Utah Valley. ALL of the proceeds of this race are going to cancer patients in our community to help pay their medical bills. The theme of the race was “Live. Survive. Thrive.” the proceeds of this race will definitely help cancer victims do just that. Live. Survive. & Thrive.
I crossed the finish line in 1:50:23!!
sprinting to finish!!
ย my girls!
(Rachelle is a lean, mean, running MACHINE and finished in 1:32:57.
New PR &2nd place in her age group!
Julia finished in 1:55:?? and was SOO close to a PR…)
theย “Cancer Sucks!” team!!!
Ashley, her momma-Nancy, me, & Poshie
So happy I saw Nancy (breast cancer SURVIVOR!) along the course!
Proud to run for my loved ones who have lost their battle to cancer and happy to run in CELEBRATION of those who have WON the battle!
I loved everything aboutย this race!
I WILL run this next year! and the next! and the next!

11 thoughts on “Live. Survive. Thrive.

  1. Julia says:

    GIRL! you are freaking amazing. and SO speedy. You took 2 bathroom breaks and still rocked out at 1:50???? ummm you inspire me! love those splits. I said the same thing to myself. hmmm…too fast maybe…but I was just loving flying down that canyon and just kept telling myself it would make up for having to slow down on the flats later…haha! LOVE the Cancer Sucks crew! your all’s shirts were amazing! And that pic of us…ummm could I have been sweating any more??? at least we all matched in pink! love that!!!! I need to look up your course for Heaven and Hell…maybe me and Shell can come cheer you on????? okayyyy have a fabulous Sunday. Lets hang out this week! dinner sometime??


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Loved reading your re-cap! It really was such an organized race for a first time race. I was incredibly impressed. Your splits looks amazing considering the 2 bathroom stops. I am incredibly proud of you and I loved seeing you.We need to run together again soon. Maybe at like 2 oclock in the morning since it is so blasted hot all of a sudden. Love ya girlie! Have a great day.


  3. [Red Sox] Wife says:

    6:55?!?! who ARE you?!?!you are AMAZING!!! great job on your race! I always say, if it feels good, screw the time who cares?! you did awesome!!! love the shirts and you girls all look so cute..way to kick cancer’s ass!!!


  4. Lily says:

    Nice splits! So, I was going to tell you I am friends with the man that won this half. Walter Brown. Yeah, he and I are both fast running bloggers. You and Rachelle should think about firing up a fast running blog account. Best running blog ever, and you totally meet everyone in the Utah running community. Let me know if you want a link. It’s so fun! ๐Ÿ™‚


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