summer is here!!

 from L to R
Beach Babe Texturizing Spray, Clinique Bronzer, Natural Glow express
Natural Glow moisturizer and Heavenly Summer angel mist
the texturizing spray was a steal of deal…
found it at Walmart!
pretty sure I’ll be using this EVERY day. cuts down on my morning routine even more than blow-drying the sweat out of my hair.
I get out of the shower, put my makeup on, get dressed, take my hair out of my towel, DO NOT COMB IT, and spray a ton of the texturizing spray in, scrunch a little and go. I will pin my bangs back sometimes just to get the hair out of my eyes.
I decided to start alternating the daily glow express and moisturizer because there were a few days I was a little too much oompa-loompa and that’s just not hot.
my clinique bronzer is the
I am slightly terrified of sunless tanner lotions on my face. what if that streaks? or i get too orange?
clinique bronzer powder. if I’m too orange I can wash it off! 🙂
and finally, the Heavenly Summer angel mist. it just smells delicious. like summer. and I love it.
what’s better than home grown veggies??
attempting to grow my own!
keyword?? ATTEMPTING
last year was a complete fail, so I’m really trying to be a good little gardener!
 cherry tomatoes… nothing yet. just a few blossoms.
my zucchini plant is dominating this year.
it dominated last year too… but never really produced any ACTUAL zucchinis…
we bought a tomato plant at Costco complete in huge container with a cage.
the first night we had it we had a huge wind storm and it got knocked over and had some major damage.
a lot of the branches (branches? limbs? stems? whatever) were snapped in half.
So I’m not really sure how this is gonna do. We do have a few tiny little green tomatoes.
FINGERS CROSSED this actually works.
My pretty flowers! they got a little trashed from the wicked storms we’ve been having.
especially the geraniums… fetch… they got TORE up.
but the little pansies are thriving!
and last,
but certainly not least…
I FINALLY bought a Seven Peaks Pass!

my Saturdays after long runs, and maybe even some Thursday and Friday afternoons, will be spent at this wonderful place so I can worship the sun, relax, and drink Diet Cokes with Megan. and whoever else wants to join us. 🙂

7 thoughts on “summer is here!!

  1. Julia says:

    i need to try that hair stuff!!! sounds amazing! I have been pretty much doing the same thing…just without the actual product. yeah…frizzy mess. its totally awesome though. SO jealous of your flowers and garden. I CANNOT WAIT to have a garden some day. I am SO totally in for a pool day. ANY TIME.


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Um Love this! I totally have a seven peaks pass so please call me everytime you go. Me and my sister have been going like twice a week.Your flowers are so pretty and I am so excited for your garden. You know who you can share all those extra veggies with right? :):)


  3. Ann says:

    Okay. I LOVE this post. I am SO JAZZED that summertime is here. I also use the curl-booster in my hair when it’s especially hot or humid – much easier than fighting it to be straight. AND – I can’t wait to move into my house and start planting my OWN garden!! 🙂


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