Triple Tangent Tuesday-July 4th edition

okay… so it’s Tuesday.
here are 3 tangents about this weekend.
1. Ran the Freedom Festival 10k Run with my family and some girls from work.
totally wasn’t stressed about pace or time. I just wanted to have a fun time.
it was super muggy and kind of had a hard time breathing.
Ran the WHOLE time, except when I stopped for water once.
the course was a little different this year and we had to run around Utah State Hospital,
making it just a tad more hilly. but I just kept telling myself “slow and steady” as I climbed.
56:34 was my official time and garmin time (crazy that they were the same!)
the course went a little long. my garmin clocked 6.3miles, which gave me an avg 8:59 pace.
my super stealthy momma took 2nd place in her age group. cuz she ROCKS!
((p.s. ended up with some gnarly chub chafe.
reminder to self: don’t try to be stylish and wear shorts.
i have RAW spots on my inner thighs. burns like a motha!))
2. Challenged my Dad to a foot race up Provo Canyon.

here’s how it went down…
we were talking about races and my Dad started talking a little trash.
so I challenged him to a foot race.
he accepted.
I was wearing flip flops.
they only lasted 1 step and went FLYING into the grass.
I won. 🙂
but my feet were ON FIRE.
the asphalt ate my toesies right up.
now I know i am NOT a barefoot runner.
p.s. trying to convince my Daddy to start training for a 5k!!
3. Stadium of Fire show from Grandpa’s front yard
 my cousins, Brooklyn & Sydnee (sometimes i feel more like an auntie than a cousin) and their friend Jaynie.
you would think by the sheer amount of silly photos on their facebook pages
that they LOVED getting their picture taken.
apparently not. 😉
 Josh was determined to have a picture “where you write with a sparkler”. all I could get was an “O”. pretty good for an amateur like me! then we had the “Olan Mills” shot, awkward head tilt, leaning, etc. and then there’s Poshie loving on his DIET COKE!
oooooh. pretty fireworks!
{{{just for shits and giggles}}}
and me… with crazy MeDUsA hair…
gotta love the FULL BLAST A.C. on a hot summer day!

how was your holiday weekend???


10 thoughts on “Triple Tangent Tuesday-July 4th edition

  1. Becky says:

    My weekend was great. I got to watch my hubby run his first half marathon, which he did awesome at. Then I enjoyed all the aerial fireworks that are now legal in Utah. Oh–and I finally got to run again after being waylaid with an injury. Yay!


  2. Jen says:

    Great job on your 10K! At least you looked cute while getting some leg burn! I love your Medusa look! It’s just not fair how cute you are. Great pictures and it looks like a great weekend!


  3. Stefanie D. says:

    Love that last pic! And, I had a similar experience with losing a flip flop…only I was almost a mile away from home, with no phone…I will never EVER be a barefoot runner. EVER!


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