tag… I'm it?!

I won, I won, I won!!
at least Rachelle thinks I’m cool (and worthy of a blogger award)
Apparently there are a set of questions that go along with this award.
so… here I go…
favorite cartoon character
 winnie the pooh.
I worked at the disney store during college and I LOVED IT.
I’ve always loved winnie the pooh and have quite a few collectibles that I will bring out for our nursery (in a LONG time… this is not an announcement. i REPEAT… NOT an announcement)
favorite thing to photograph
 apparently… MYSELF.
as I was looking through my photos I ran across TONS of me doing my “hardcore thug”/”duck lips” face.
I do like to take pictures of other people and life in general. like my family, friends, babies, Abby dog, my food, diz sleeping on the couch with his bum crack hanging out
favorite thing to cook
I LOVE using my crock pot to cook. I can throw frozen chicken breast or a pot roast in before work and have dinner ready by the time I get home. Convenient? Yup. Tasty? Fo’Sho’!
best crock pot recipe??
crockpot chicken tacos
4 chicken breast
1 can black beans (rinsed and drained)
1 can corn (drained)
taco seasoning (1 packet)
cook on low for 6-8 hours.
you can mix in sour cream after it’s all cooked and shredded up.
sooo delicious and easy! great for salads and enchilada “stuffing” too!
favorite way to exercise
 running. Duh.
favorite movie
 the twilight series
(whatever… stop laughing at me)
I love the books. seriously. I’ve read them all a few times and then a few times again.
the movies may be corny. but I love the whole forbidden love, hottie-werewolf Jacob, highschool drama.
i’m easily entertained.
and if you think twilight’s bad.
well I love Disney movies too.
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  Peter Pan.
I have it on VHS and make Diz bust out the VCR so we can watch it every now and again.
favorite article of clothing
hoodies. I love to be comfortable.
It’s all about comfort and cozy-ness for me.
jeans and a hoodie
or even better- sweats and a hoodie.
favorite flower
 I love Calla Lillies
I had pink and yellow Callas in my wedding bouquet.
growing up in So Cali, we had HUGE calla lillies growing in our front yard. I was sad when we moved to Hollister and found out they wouldn’t survive in the climate there. 😦
favorite breakfast
if I’m being healthy– I love Chobani greek yogurt. especially the blueberry kind.
if I’m being a fatty– I love me a Beto’s steak breakfast burrito- Yes I can eat a whole burrito. by myself.
Diz got one the other day, and I had a bite… it was heavenly.
favorite place to be
on the water
THANK GOD it’s summer.
time for boating, wakeboarding, tubing.
Deer Creek & Laughlin.
my paradise(s).
favorite book lately
I think I’ve found my new favorite author.
young adult books are my weakness.
this book is awesome. Got me excited for summer weather.
and made me wish I was 16 again.
and now for my own question…
well, this will be more of an explanation
I got to thinking that most of you don’t know why I call my husband, Sundance, Diz (and/or Dizzle).
First of all, his legal first name is Dustin. BUT I NEVER CALL HIM THAT. EVER.
His Mom calls him Dust sometimes and his grandma calls him Dustin and I always look around the room trying to figure out who she’s talking too. His legal MIDDLE name is Sundance.
He’s gone by Sundance for pretty much his whole life…
His Dad was a ski instructor back in the day. Any guesses what ski resort he taught at??
yup. Sundance.
no, my husband is not Native American.
(we get that a lot when we are out of state).
anywho… back to the nickname. When we first started dating, we took a family trip (the ENTIRE Ford family) to Disneyland. Somehow… Sundance turned into Sundizzle.
and it stuck. STUCK.
has since been shortened to Dizzle, and even shorter, Diz.
my family and friends call him Dizzle or Diz. Even co-workers call him Dizzle. Co-worker’s spouses call him Dizzle.
Dizzle’s family calls him Sundance. and give me a weird look when I call him Diz. 😉
Sundance… a few months before he became SunDizzle aka Dizzle and/or Diz
now ya know!!!

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6 thoughts on “tag… I'm it?!

  1. Christina @ The Athletarian says:

    Hahaha I LOVE the “Diz” breakdown! How cool to have Sundance as a middle name!I used to be obsessed with the Disney Store. I’m not sure if all of them are the same, but the one near me had a huge mountain of stuffed animals at the back of the store. It was like a pyramid of happiness. I could stand there all day and stare at all of the characters!I’m with you on the sweats and a hoodie. Best combo EVER.


  2. Elle says:

    Awww the story behind Diz’s name is cute!!I’m in love with Jennifer Echols. Seriously great writer!!Hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  3. Julia says:

    I was kinda pumped for the “Diz” story…I have never heard the full version like that. haha! Okay. And that pic of you out on the water is seriously BADASS. you are probably the most hard core awesomest person I know! wow!


  4. Lily says:

    What a fun read and thank you so much for the chicken taco recipe. I am stoked to try it! Your wake boarding picture is seriously cool girl 🙂


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