American Idol Concert, BRAD, 1st Deer Creek trip

we went to the american idol concert last wednesday
we had a BLAST!
though I HATE to admit it… I actually liked Chiquita Banana (Naima) and Wrong Blonde (Haley)
Pia has a body that is TO DIE FOR. and her voice is AMAZING.ο»Ώ
Pia and Stefano sang California King Bed (Rhianna) and it was AMAZEBALLS.
If Stefano had sang that well during the season, he would have gone further.
Lauren was darling and I loved all her cute dresses and sparkly cowboy boots!
Scotty was a doll and seems to have settled into stardom quite easily!
Thursday night we went to a memorial roping event in Salem to honor Brad.
once again, it was proof that Brad had such an amazing impact on all those around him.
they played 2 songs, one was Tim McGraw’s “live like you were dying” and another, which I kind of recognized, but now… can not remember the name or artist. but afterwards, there was not a dry eye among us. all the men had stepped off their horses and removed their hats, it was such a cool scene, seeing everyone pay their respects to Brad and honoring him in such a cool way.
Β Leah and Tahsha
serious conversation between Doug and Leah. πŸ™‚
they presented Doug and Carol with a beautiful plaque to hang at the cabin
and gave Tahsha a beautiful belt buckle.
afterwards we headed back to Doug and Carol’s house and had a big BBQ/feast.
Leslie brought her snowie machine and even made sugarfree syrup for my Mom and I. πŸ™‚
Yesterday, we took our first trip to Deer Creek with the boat.
Because of Utah’s bi-polar weather, we got a late start on boating.
the weather was GORGEOUS.
the water was a lil chilly, but actually not horrible.
we wakeboarded. we tubed. we napped. and it.was.AWESOME.
I can’t believe how tired I got after wakeboarding for just a few minutes. my legs were quivering and my arms were like jello when I got back in the boat. I told Diz I was ready for a nap. LOL.
since we were too pooped to wakeboard again, we got the tube out!
Β Dad went out first…
he likes to backseat drive from the tube. not even joking.
Diz got a little cocky, doing no hand tricks, putting one foot up in the air, yawning.
yeah… that shiz just eggs on my Dad…
so then this happens

you get whipped around a corner at WARP speed and you crash. πŸ™‚
p.s. my Heaven & Hell Ultra Relay is in 5 days.
I’m FREAKING out about it.
I have no idea WHERE I’m going…
if I get lost… I know I’ll get eaten by a bear, or mountain lion…
the Dr I’m running with swears all I need is a pair of shoes and determination.
well… check… and CHECK.
but… are you SURE the trails are marked?!

4 thoughts on “American Idol Concert, BRAD, 1st Deer Creek trip

  1. Stefanie D. says:

    Love the photo captions! Your weekend looks like so much fun! Kind of jealous that you went boating, not going to lie! Umm..that relay sounds a little scary! I hope you don’t get lost…or eat by a mountain lion. Or worse, bitten by a racoon with rabies! Ok…I think the mountain lion would probably be worse. Because you can at least come back from rabies, right?


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Love all of the pictures. That memorial for Brad is just awesome! Love that! The boating looks like a blast and I am jealous.You are going to love the relay, I just know it. Just remember to have fun and if you get lost I’m sure they’ll come back for you. πŸ™‚


  3. Julia says:

    you are going to do GREAT at the relay. seriously jealous because it sounds so fun. Leah is adorable…that is awesome that they had that little tribute for Brad. have a good week friend! good luck this weekend!


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