Dear 16-year old me…

so awhile back I saw this video on the FB page for the AF Canyon Half Marathon.
besides the obvious warning about Melanoma (and the fact that I NEVER want to go to a tanning bed… EVER AGAIN), I really liked the idea of the video.
“Dear 16-year old me”
I’ve been reminiscing quite a bit about the 16-year old me because my 10 year High School Reunion is next weekend. (No, we’re not going.)
I’ve been remembering the “good ol’ days” and how much fun I had in high school (no worries, I also remember the awkward and not-so-fun moments)
here are some fun blast from the past pics!!!
visiting Joshie in Chico (Spring Break 2001)
 Prom – Gilroy High 2001
 Cheer competition 2001

So I’ve been thinking, what would I tell my 16-year old self if I had the chance?
Dear 16-year old me,
Try not to worry about what everyone else thinks is cool/not cool. Just be you. Your true friends won’t care. Embrace being a little nerdy. It’s okay to enjoy school and learning new things. It’s okay to like *N Sync and the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. But your celebrity crush/love, Lance Bass ends up being gay later in life… yup, Dad was right. Being a cheerleader is not all it’s cracked up to be. Yeah… It’s fun. The uniforms are sweet. Dancing, cheering at games, and the stunts are a blast… but some of the girls are MEAN. but that’s okay because karma’s a bitch. Boys are dumb. Seriously. It won’t get better for quite a few years. Most of the boys you date in high school are going to break your heart. And you’ll break a few too (okay… like 1, maybe 2). Trust me, it will not be the end of the world. and Kyle is a douche. You’d be better off staying away from him. Work hard so you can play hard. Trust me, hard work does pay off.
Most importantly, just be you and be happy being you!
Love, me
*what would you say to your 16 your self if you had the chance?*

5 thoughts on “Dear 16-year old me…

  1. Mrs. JM says:

    i saw that video too and honestly, i made an appointment with the dermatologist right after. luckily i got a clean bill of health after spending WAY TOO MUCH time in tanning beds as a teen. i haven’t been tanning in years. when i was a senior in high school one of my teachers had us write ourselves letters and then she held on to them. i had forgotten all about this until i got my letter in the mail 10 years later! isn’t that nutty!? it was fabulous to read what i said to my future self.


  2. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    THIS MADE MY DAY!!! OH MY GOODNESS. The part about your dad being right about Lance made me laugh for at least five minutes:) I miss you and I LOVED the pictures of you as a 16 year old! Guess what….we get to see each other soon!


  3. FoodFaithFitness says:

    I saw that video on FB.It will change the way you think about being a sun-worshipper. I would tell myself sooo many things. The number 1 thing would be to start running and don’t date any boys!! I didn’t start running until I was 32 and got married way too young.


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