triple tangent tuesday

So I realize I’ve been a bad blogger… so here’s a lame attempt at a catch up
triple tangent tuesday style
1. Harry Potter
2 weekends ago we went and saw the final Harry Potter! I refused to wait for a not-sold-out show so we ended up driving to every theater in Utah County. Provo Towne was sold out, University Mall was sold out… we ended up at Wynnsong. Good thing we went to a matinee, because later that night the theater was robbed. :/
2. Look at my garden grow!!
 Look!!! I grew a zucchini!!
 A full grown zucchini! We ate it for dinner the other night and it was DELICIOUS!
the next day, I went to water our plants and ALL of our tomatoes were gone! EVERY single LAST one!
I think the deer ate them. So much for me being an official gardener.
Diz joked that if we really needed our garden to survive… We’d starve.
sad… but true.
3. Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo
 Brad’s Sign Shop
(image from my cousin Leslie!)
We went to the rodeo last night with my parents and Doug & Carol’s fam.
I really wanted to take a billion pictures but it rained and rained and rained.
So I took about 15 pictures and this one was the least sucky.
totally makes me want to become a cowgirl, buy a horse and pair of shit-kicker boots and ride all day long.

6 thoughts on “triple tangent tuesday

  1. Jen says:

    Deer are such a problem for gardens! We have a big huge fence in our backyard for that reason. You can come over and raid my garden anytime! The rodeo looks like fun!


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