my girls

So Brooklyn and Sydnee are here visiting this week and we’ve been hanging out after work.
well tonight… was no different.
I told them I wouldn’t post these pictures on facebook…
but I didn’t say anything about my blog. 😉
 me & syd
 we’re thugs 4 life
 we’re so cool! 😉
 Brookie is way cooler than me…
 we’re so cool we don’t even have to look at the camera
 brookie & i are hardcore thugs
 after dinner tonight we decided to go watch Josh’s softball game
the girls were insistent on braiding my hair into a million little braids…
brooklyn likes to braid SUPER tight and PULL. :/
someone help me!
all joking aside…
i love these girls and really wished they lived here ALL the time!

4 thoughts on “my girls

  1. emlizalmo says:

    Just wanted to comment after I so boldy crashed your yogurt party today. 🙂 I have come back and read your “defeated” post many times now. I feel defeated too. Different reasons than why you do, but still involved with running. My conclusion…you are awesome. You are hard core. You are even prettier in real life. Not quite sure how to get rid of the self doubt/frustration business. I wish I knew. I have lost my drive to run. It will come back. I know it will. For now, I will force myself out the door, then spend the rest of the day reading fabulous blogs. 🙂


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