yogurtland celebrities

the fabulous Jen was coming down to Provo today so we decided to get together for a Yogurtland date.
(because where else do us Utah County Runners go??)
Rachelle, Julia, red blob, Jen, & Candice and her gorgeous kidlets
I swear there is frozen yogurt under there!
I got Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Toasted Coconut, and a little bit of Nutter Butter
topped with lots of mangoes and strawberries.
I had been looking forward to it all day long!
probably the coolest thing about our Yogurtland date today is that we all got recognized by a fellow blogger/runner, Amy. She was super sweet and told us she felt like she was in a room full of celebrities.
me? celebrity? HA!
p.s. she has a photography blog too! check it out!
the only reason why I even have more than 3 followers is because I somehow tricked Janae into becoming my BFF and pay her to mention me on her blog every now and then. 😉
When we asked another group of girls to take our picture before we left, one of them sweetly asked, “oh are you guys visiting? where are you from?”
Nope. We’re from here.
Just like to take pictures.
(thinking back… we should have told them we were local celebrities. LOL)

 the other great thing about our date is that Jen brought us goodies from her garden!
tomatoes, onions, broccoli, beans, green peppers and carrots.
is it bad that I ate ALL of the tomatoes already? :/
they were SO GOOD!
I drove over to Costco
since I’d been avoiding the 7 minute drive to Costco all week
(well 7 mins from my work)
I’d been avoiding it… mainly because I always spend SO much money there…
but I actually did pretty good today.
got wheat bread for Diz, wheat tortillas for me, pickles (i’m obsessed with pickles right now. I now have 3 jars in my fridge), blueberries, strawberries, and tomatoes (I knew the fresh garden tomatoes from Jen wouldn’t last long), my fake eggs, and FINALLY bought some vitamins and calcium (I’ve been out for a few weeks… bad news)
so as I’m driving home, thinking how cool I am for not spending my ENTIRE paycheck in one Costco trip I realized that I forgot turkey lunch meat and my Chobani yogurt. Guess I’ll be heading back again tomorrow.
ever been recognized on your blog? what do you think when someone recognizes you?
I kinda think it’s cool. I totally called Diz and told him we got recognized and that his wife is a celebrity. He just laughed and told me I was a dork. he’s so right. 🙂

8 thoughts on “yogurtland celebrities

  1. Julia says:

    bahahaha. omg. i called my mom and she responded just about the same way. like ummm okay? i felt like a rock star so thats all that is important. we ARE a big deal. love us. we are awesome. i need to go to sam’s. ughhhh. this post reminded me to stop avoiding it.


  2. Candice @ I Have Run says:

    I haven’t called my hubs yet, but I’m sure his response will be about the same. I will forever associate Yogurtland with my fellow celebs after tonight.And I am the same way when it comes to Costco. Pretty sure that’s why the hubs decided we should have a grocery budget =)


  3. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    AHHHHHH I AM SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO CRY THAT I MISSED OUT ON THE DATE!!! I LOVE YOU and miss you dearly. We are going to make up for lost time when I get home and I LOVE that you were recognized……they probably thought you were a model at first and then realized they knew you from blogworld!


  4. Rachelle Wardle says:

    ha ha love this!! We are so freaking awesome. :):)I always forget things at Costco. I’m so glad I’m not the only one.We need to perminantly do YL and PF dates once a week. Seriously love hanging out with you!


  5. Monica says:

    I could spend my entire paycheck on Chobani. I am out and it kind of makes me want to cry.Glad I’m not the only blog stalker who says something to the people I recognize. I actually stopped during the last St. George marathon to talk to a spectator that I recognized. Crazy.


  6. Julia @ The Bosky Blog says:

    Hey!!! Fore the record, I found your blog through weight watchers!Someone randomly approached me at a race and asked if I was the girl who runs with Goliath, it was really funny! I was so excited. She said she randomly found my blog googling races and had sporadically followed me since,I felt like a celebrity.Costco is the jame.


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