You're CHEATING… that's NOT a word

Last Monday for my Dad’s birthday we went to Tucano’s. It is our favorite
(well… one of our favorite places)
place to eat. Endless salad bar and meat and grilled pineapple?! Sounds like a good birthday to me!
me and Diz

they sang Happy Birthday to my Dad…
he got to shake the tambourine.
he was REALLY excited to do that! 😉
Mom & Dad
Josh recently got us all hooked on Words with Friends.
 He introduced my Dad to it… he’s like the Scrabble King and is now HOOKED.
My Dad and Josh playing…
Dad: Q-A-T, yeah… it’s a word.
Mom: Hmmm…
I’ve used this word many times already… had no idea what it meant until just now… when I googled it:
QAT: (variation KHAT) a shrub (Catha edulis) of the staff-tree family cultivated in the Middle East and Africa for its leaves and buds that are the source of a habituating stimulant when chewed or used as a tea; also : its leaves and buds.
 me… thinking really hard, trying to make up a word.
 AHHH! what do you do when all you have is Q’s, U’s and V’s?
see his shirt?
Old Guys Rule!
Happy Birthday Daddy!

6 thoughts on “You're CHEATING… that's NOT a word

  1. *Sparkles* says:

    LOLOLOL I know scrabble is all about knowing those tiny trick words! QAT, QI, ZA, XI, XU… they all sound Asian to me. My BF calls himself the ‘master plugger’ bc he keeps plugging in fake words until he learns one of them is actually a real word… I don’t have that kind of patience!!


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