weekend fun @ yuba

We had a fantastic weekend!
My mom and I had an 18 miler planned for Saturday morning. Katie and Josh joined us for the first 5 or so miles and then turned around because they didn’t want to go the full 18. My mom and I were planning on running about 6 or 7 miles up Hobble Creek canyon and then turning around and looping into Mapleton. Well… my crazy Momma decides that she wants to go up 9 miles because she doesn’t want to run into Mapleton.
I may have uttered a few swear words…
okay… I did. :/
We’ve been chatting about training with a friend of ours, Paul. He’s a freaking RUNNING MACHINE. He even put together a training schedule with us in hopes of getting me my sub 4:00 marathon at St. George. He wants us to do more training runs starting by running UP the canyon to build our strength, then coming back down to build our endurance and train our legs to withstand the downhills on tired legs. He claims we’ll be singing his praises at Mile 21 of St. George. Considering he’s won marathons in his past… I’m gonna believe him! 🙂
Run Stats:
the 9 miles up took us 1:33
the 9 miles down took us 1:21
total time 2:54, avg pace 9:40
after our run and a super quick shower we were off to Yuba Lake for camping and boating
 Dizzle enjoying the sunshine
 Verne (aka my Dad… we all have boat nicknames)
 Melba (Momma)
Abby got to come boating with us!
(totally unplanned. she was supposed to stay in the trailer while we boated, but our camp spot wasn’t ready so she got to come with us. This was her first time in the boat! She did SOO good. such a good puppy!)
 Joshie wakeboarding…
(show off)
 Katie had never been wakeboarding before… but holy cow… this girl was a natural!
she got right up on her first try!
 now… she couldn’t quite get the hang of staying behind the boat (which I think it was more the board than her… she was using Josh’s board, which is more squirly (is that a word?!) and once she switched to my board (more stable), she did way better!)
 look at her face! 😀
she makes the BEST facial expressions! LOVE it!
already trying to catch air going over the wake! 😉
 does your 61 year old Dad go knee boarding?
My Dad does. He’s hardcore!
after we all went wakeboarding it was finally Abby’s turn to get in the water.
She was a little freaked out and couldn’t quite figure out how to step off the teak board into the water, so she basically flopped her front paws down into the water and slid on her belly into the water.
soggy puppy!
We had a great weekend – great 18 mile run – great boating & camping –
and even got to celebrate Katie’s birthday!!
finished up the weekend with dinner at Bandido’s with my parents, a shopping trip for bridal shower gifts, and a walk around the neighborhood with Diz!
🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “weekend fun @ yuba

  1. emlizalmo says:

    I love, but secretly hate running up Hobble Creek. When I’m tired, which I seem to be ALL the time lately, it seems so much steeper than I previously remembered. Way to go on your 18 miles! And yay for a sunny, wet weekend. 🙂


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Such a fun weekend!! I am so so proud of you guys for running up hobble creek. You are so awesome and that will make you so much stronger. Wait to go girl!I will be at HC to cheer you on! Let me know if you want me to run with you at all. :):) You are going to do so great I just know it.


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