Fro-Yo Friday

this is beginning to become a pre-race day tradition…
we met up at Yogurtland to say goodbye to Ruth (she’s leaving us for ohio… boo!)
(ps… Janae is back and I almost cried when I saw her… it had been 2 months since I had last seen her.)
Coconut and Kona Coffee fro yo with mangoes (on the coconut)
and almonds and coconut (on the kona coffe).
the coffee flavored fro yo is FREAKING amazing. best thing I’ve had in awhile.
I’m getting ready for the Hobble Creek 1/2 Marathon right now…
Come cheer us on!
Rachelle is being a BFF and meeting me at the top of the canyon to pace me and hopefully PR!
GOOD LUCK to all the RUNNERS today!

5 thoughts on “Fro-Yo Friday

  1. Julia says:

    yesterday was definitely bittersweet. well the yogurt was definitely sweet…duh. 😉 it was SO great having Janae back again but definitely am SO sad to see Ruth go. it was great to see you and spend time with you. we need to get PF nights back in action…maybe one day this week!?! I can’t do monday but maybe thursday or friday night if that would work for everyone!?!


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