Happy Birthday TO ME!

that’s right ladies and gentlemen…
it’s my birthday today!
28 years old!
we started the celebration yesterday by going to Tepanyaki with Diz’s fam.
this is Chase, my nephew.
he tells me I’m pretty every time I see him.
how freaking awesome is that?!
Diz couldn’t quite figure out the setting on the camera…
they sang and made me get up and shake my booty.
I have no shame. I would have stood on the grill if my flip flops wouldn’t have melted.
it was about 500 degrees in the middle of the two tables.
I was sweaty by the time I sat back down. :/
Had one bite of my sundae and let Chase have the rest. 🙂
maybe that’s why he tells me I’m pretty. I share my ice cream.
I got spoiled rotten.
my new Jo Totes bag, so I can lug my camera around with me 24-7, a new pair of Toms, earrings, gift card to the mall and Barnes & Noble (feeding the addiction), dried mangoes, Halloween banner, and a cute wooden decoration kit I have to put together.
Then I go to work today and continue to get spoiled…
Michelle got me 3 Sarah Dessen books, got a Yogurtland giftcard from Linds & Whit, another giftcard from the office, homemade salsa from Deb and a cute platter from the Johnson Girls.
 My Momma took me to lunch at Brick Oven and we gorged on the salad bar and I decided I didn’t want to go to dinner but that I wanted to go to Yogurtland instead.
can you believe they didn’t even have balloons or streamers or anything for me? weird…
next year I expect big things from them. 😉
b-day girl and Diz
kissie face
keroppi spoon completes my spoon collection!!
yes… I have all 4 of the hello kitty “collectable” spoons. LOL.
please excuse Diz’s bloated face.
someone should totally buy this guy a new pair of shoes….

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday TO ME!

  1. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Love this post and seriously just love you. You are the best!! Those TOM’s are so freaking cute. Eeeeek!! And seriously what the heck Yogurtland? How did they not know it was your birthday. 🙂


  2. Holly says:

    It looks like you had a super fun birthday and got spoiled rotten 🙂 I love birthdays! And Yogurtland for dinner on your birthday, that would totally make my day.


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