in need of new names…

so… my mother in law has a lot of stray kitties in her garage.
one of them had kittens a while back and now she’s the proud mama of 3 kittens.
and they need to be named.
currently there is Orangey (or as Tessa calls him, Cookie) and Little Grey and Big Grey
(who declined to be photographed-is furry like Orangey but grey).
FYI Orangey and Big Grey are boys and Little Grey is a girl.
if I wasn’t allergic, I’d sooo steal Little Grey. she’s way cute.
all tuckered out after playing

grooming himself… lol.

Orangey (aka Cookie)
lil grey snoodling w/Diz

going after the mouse! lookin’ fierce!

silly kitties!
do you have pets?
are you a dog person? cat person?
how do you decide on names?ļ»æ

8 thoughts on “in need of new names…

  1. Ann says:

    Biscuit came with the name “Biscuit”. I can’t offer many suggestions re: naming pets. I always seem to like regular names like “Charlie” and “Frank”. LOL.


  2. Angie says:

    I’m a cat person and think they should have “human” names. My girls names are Annabelle & Jessie. I just love southern names….so that’s how I choose! those kittens are precious!!


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