WTF Wednesday

so if you’re friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter @Ash_and_Diz
you know I’m dealing with achilles tendonitisagain.
I started feeling the tightness about 2 weeks ago. I started wearing my heel inserts almost right away. After our 20 miler on Saturday, running 8 miles UP the canyon… i knew it was back. Which is why I sucked it up and took an ice bath after that run. And called up Dr. Brent Rich early Monday morning and got right in. He recommended a super dose of prednisone. We actually didn’t talk about my training or whether or not to cut back. I think he knows with St. George less than 5 weeks away, I’m not gonna be able to cut much out. So I’ve banished myself to the treadmill. No hills, no speedwork, no fartleks/tempos/anything else, but my regular pace. And I’m trying (really, I am) to take it easy and I’m stretching out and wearing my calf sleeve when I run.
I’m feeling a little bummed out & frustrated.
I realize I’m lucky that this is the extent of my “injury”. It could be so much worse. I could have a stress fracture (a la Janae) or knee pain (like my girl, Katie) and have to face the possibility of NOT running my marathon.
So I’ll be praying my lil’ heart out to speed up this healing process! TOTALLY loving the side effects of prednisone. I feel like I’m bi-polar. Dr. Rich warned me that I’d probably have mood swings. Ranging from ‘euphoria’ to ‘irritable & grouchy’. Riiiiiiiiiggghhht. Because my mood swings aren’t already extreme enough. :/ I’ll be giddy & cheerful one minute… then crying to my Mom (like I did this morning) on the phone… WTF is wrong with me? I snapped at my office manager (jokingly… kind of… not really) for eating my chocolate almonds. And when I asked my Dr if he could tell I was moody from the prednisone… he laughed and said “Kind of.” so super. glad I still have a job.
and another super-duper side effect of the prednisone- increased hunger… awesome. Because I’m not already addicted to food. I don’t remember having the mood swings like this last time… but the dosing this time is about triple what it was back in November and is over the course of 12 days, instead of 6. Someone send me a gold star for being #1 bipolar bi-atch for the next 9 days.
on a positive note… I got new shoes.
Saucony Triumphs
+1 point for cute colors- pink and black, you know how I do,
+5 points for the sensation of running on marshmallows
+279 points for my Jergen’s self tanner for making my legs look DAMN tan in this photo. πŸ˜‰
and before anyone asks… I got the shoes AFTER the tendonitis started flaring up. so the shoes didn’t change anything. and I didn’t wear them on my 20 miler because I’d only run 3 miles in them before the 20 miler. I know better… LOLο»Ώ
Β Not that I’m happy that a bookstore is closing… but I’m taking full advantage of the fact that Borders is going under and closing their store in Provo. my latest purchase? A new book on how to use my camera (and not just inΒ FULL AUTO mode). It’s in blonde girl terms so I understand what all the buttons do… (well, I will… once I get past the first 2 chapters).
and… I’m already decorating for Halloween.
been hitting up Rod Works like a maniac…
AND… ready for some super awesome news??
my friend Ann is coming to visit me in October!
(ya know… Ann… my blog friend…)
I’m so freaking stoked! Can’t wait to introduce her to canyon running, yogurtland and pizza factory and all my other crazy awesome running/blogging buddies!

12 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday

  1. Rochelle says:

    So sad about your heel! I hope everything turns out okay so you can get your sub 4 marathon in St. George! I’ll be rooting for you! PS you are freaking tan in that photo and I love it. I need to get me some tanning lotion..but everytime I use some I get streaks cause I’m retarded. And those shoes are adorable. I love those and running on marshmellows, now I want a pair…ok true story, I just want new shoes…again!


  2. Ann says:

    Love love LOVE this blog and I can’t WAIT to come visit!!!!! Hope your injury heals fast and you rock that marathon! I CAN’T WAIT to come see you!!!!!!!! Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!


  3. Miss Erosion says:

    Oh man! I hope this clears up for you soon. I JUST got back running after a halt in my training plan. I think you are smart to not do any speed work – just concentrate on getting the miles in at whatever pace feels comfortable. I want to be running beside you in St George!:)


  4. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    You would already be rocking the decorations:) Girl, I would have been pissed if someone stole my chocolate almonds with or without steroids!! I know exactly how you feel and I wish we could get our acts together so we could hang out and talk all about it like I did to you for the past 6 months! I LOVE YOUR SHOES!! Praying for you my lil’ speed demon!


  5. Rachelle Wardle says:

    So so sorry about the tendonitis. Don’t you just love Dr. rich? He is seriously great. I am praying for you girl and know that you are doing the right thing by hitting up the mill and taking it easy!Love the shoes, and love that you’ve started decorating for Halloween. I love Halloween!


  6. Julia says:

    ASH. i am so frustrated for you friend! totally know how you feel and am sending you like billions and million trillions of healing vibes. hang in there girl! you have been rocking the running this summer so I know you will be amazing in st george REGARDLESS!!!!!!!!!love those shoes. me and sauconys are PEEPs. and i think it is the coolest thing ever that a blog friend is coming to visit you!!


  7. Katie Anne says:

    Achiless tendonitis! ahh the joys of injuries…I go to the ortho doc tomorrow 10am…who knows what will happen…But I do know i haven’t ran a SINGLE MILE since LAST FRIDAY…i’m a raging B!%$@ if ya know what I mean πŸ™‚ and I don’t have the excuse of prednisone! haha GET BETTER GIRL! I know you will rock St. George!


  8. Lily says:

    Well, I’ve never have achilles issues before, but I have freaking been injured for 8 weeks. Zero running. IT SUCKED! I will say some prayers for you. Take it easy. You will get through this again. I know it!btw-that FB post today about 14 weeks and craving M&M’s was a breast cancer awareness chain thing. I am totally not prego. Eeeek! I am so done having babies. πŸ™‚


  9. Jayme says:

    Good thinking about getting a dummies book for the cam – sheesh there are soooooo many things I’m clueless about with my dslr as well.As for your achilles….oh no!! I hope the drugs/ rest makes things a bit better. It if means anything, I totally agree with the sunless tanner doing a fine job πŸ™‚


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