3 day weekends are the BEST!

So after a disappointing run at the gym on Saturday morning
(was scheduled for 12 and stopped at 6… when I should have stopped at 4.5)
me and Diz and my Momma & Daddy took off to Swiss Days in Midway.
I told myself I could buy whatever I wanted… but just couldn’t justify buying anything. :/
My Mom bought a gorgeous picture from Willie Holdman. She’s loved his photography for a long time and she finally got one! It’s gorgeous! It’s a view of aspen trees up Hobble Creek canyon. 🙂
On Sunday morning I went on a CLEANING FRENZY.
like my OCD came out and ran rampant.
I moved furniture and vacuumed under couches/tables.
dusted and cleaned baseboards.
oiled & polished all the wood cabinets, baseboards and doors.
did laundry and de-junked a few things and took stuff to my Mom’s for her garage sale.
Diz came home from golfing with his Dad and brother and I threatened him with his life if he messed anything up. Poor guy. Only a few more days of the Prednisone. I promise…
I then took off to my Mom’s house to go through my closet there. I’ve been keeping some things there since we got married. Ya know the stuff you don’t want junking up your house, but you don’t want to get rid of either?! Ya… that stuff. Got rid of some of that stuff. And brought some stuff back home. I’ll probably get rid of some more stuff. But after 6 hours of cleaning-I was done.
I then came home and finally showered for the day so we could head over to
Diz’s Grandma’s 91st Birthday party!
 blowing out her candles! 🙂
opening presents!
Then I headed outside to chill with the kidlets.
as you can see- Jack has an obsession with tattoos.
Guess we know what to get him for Christmas!

Since Diz has all the muscles he got to be the one to lift and twirl the kids around.
they loved it!

 Jack LOVED it!
 kids going Ca-Ra-Zy!
 Jack would run full speed at Diz and Diz would pick him up and spin him around.
freaking DARLING.
 this pic is my current favorite.
I LOVE Jack’s face. Pure Joy! 🙂 🙂 🙂
 Diz’s Momma, Susy and his Grandma, Ruth.
 Diz’s Aunt Cathy and Grandma.
We ate way too many sweets and treats and then we all took off for Chili’s to eat “real” dinner. 🙂
Chase wanted to sit by me so I would tickle his hand the whole time. LOL.
He loves for someone to scratch (aka “tickle”) the palm of his hand. He always has. and he probably always will. Therefore, since I have the longest nails (which make the best “ticklers”) I am the favorite.
Score one for Ashley. 😉
Then today… I slept in a bit and hit the gym for a 2 hour trek on the elliptical.
Not my favorite thing ever… but I figure since I can’t run for 2 hours I should at least put in the same time for cardio. The first hour wasn’t bad. The second hour became torturous towards the end.
(side note: I think I’m going to stick to the elliptical this week-then give running a try on Saturday. Let the rest of my prednisone work and not try to push so hard. I really want to do well at St George and I don’t want to screw up my Achilles even worse by running. AS MUCH AS IT KILLS ME… to NOT be running.)
Then I headed over to the ball park in Spanish Fork to watch my Dad’s company play a softball tourney.
Let me just tell you… there will be lots of advil and tylenol consumed in the next 48 hours. LOL.
 My cousin Brian and my bro, Poshie.
(really wishing I had brought my zoom lens)
my Momma playing catcher.
Watched 3 games in all. And went to lunch with my Mom and bro.
Good times.
Wish every weekend was 3 days long!
How was your 3 day weekend??
Any amazing parties, stories, work outs??

12 thoughts on “3 day weekends are the BEST!

  1. Cory Reese says:

    2 hours on the elliptical? That definitely earns you some sort of award. I think I would rather listen to Celine Dion than spend 2 hours on an elliptical. (Good choice to save the achilles though.)


  2. Julia says:

    ummmm your house looks AMAZING. i wish i ever had that much focus to clean. I made a goal with myself that I would clean my entire apartment before I left so that I would come home to a super clean place…yeah…my focus lasted about an hour and it turned into just making sure the floors were clear. and his grandmother is ADORABLE!!! 91 years is amazing!Thinking of you friend. Take good care of that achilles!


  3. Amylee says:

    Your house is GORGEOUS. Come on up to Heber City and I’ll let you go OCD crazy on my apartment. If I like what you do, I’ll pay you in swedish fish. Deal?It was fun to meet you today! Glad I can blogstalk you now. It’s so much better after you know the person. Am I right?


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