a few great things…

A few great things about this week:
1. Yogurtland with my lady friends.
Amy, Me (complete with prednisone bloat), Rachelle, Janae, and Sarah (who is Ruth’s lil sis)
Nothing better than talking about running when you can’t run. :/
wait… what?! I’m just being a cry baby-wah-wah.
just ignore me.
seriously though…
I really did have fun meeting Amy and Sarah.
Amy is running Top of Utah Marathon next weekend and Sarah is training for the Layton Marathon.
2. I read THIS awesome blog post.
seriously made my day.
I need to make the whole post into a big ass poster and put it up next to my treadmill.
and maybe have a keychain size one made.
and one for the bathroom mirror.
3. My running mentor/coach/friend Paul Rosser is #7 on the St. George Marathon Legends.
The guy who pushes me on my long runs, wrote up a training plan for my Mom and I, and is basically one of the coolest guys to run with
WON the St. George Marathon with a time of 2:16 (in 1994).
(for clarification… my first half marathon was 2:23)
Reading about his St. George Marathon(s) and his other running achievements basically blow my mind.
He is such a strong runner and really makes running look effortless.
He is speaking at the expo for St. George, so my Mom and I are taking off early to get down to St. George to hear him speak. 🙂
I’m really hoping he can somehow get a bib and run the marathon.
my dream come true would be for him to run with/pace my Mom and I for a sub 4:00 finish.
but realistically… if he does run, he’ll be running his awesome wifey, Kristie, to the finish.
but then, maybe he can come back for us? right?!
4. I took my last dose of Prednisone this morning.
I am so over the mood swings, the night sweats, the insomnia, and the nightmares.
and i feel bloated. and fat.
and I’m TOTALLY blaming the steroids.
5. the god-awful steroids are working.
i think.
I ran ONE mile this morning.
one GLORIOUS mile.
I could literally feel the stress melting away from me as I ran.
I was probably grinning from ear to ear at the gym.
I’ve been a good girl all week and only been on the elliptical and the bike.
I am planning 6 miles tomorrow on the treadmill.
my schedule calls for a 20 miler. but I’m not even gonna go there.
I may try for a double digit run in the middle of week depending on how my run goes tomorrow.
After my “long” run, my Mom and I are heading to Spanish Fork to watch/cheer/run my Dad in for his first 5k. 🙂 🙂
then… on Sunday, I’m gonna be the bike-bi-otch and water/gu/chomp carrier for my Mom and Paul & Kristie and Jo-Jo while they run 20.
6. right now…
my crazy boss is running the Wasatch 100.
remember my crazy disaster attempt at the Heaven&Hell Relay? Yeah…
He’s running the FULL 100 miles… by himself.
Last I checked, he was at the 53 mile mark (in about 12 hours).
can you say ROCKSTAR?
What are your plans for the weekend??
Long runs? Races?

6 thoughts on “a few great things…

  1. Julia says:

    Ummmmm your boss is amazing!!!!! Holy craziness! Good luck to your dad! That is seriously awesome! Glad you are doing well! Will be thinking of you going after those runs this week!


  2. sarah says:

    5 miles today. 8 miles tomorrow. I have a Birthday party for a 1 year old tomorrow. Don’t be jealous of THAT. But there probably is going to be cake and I can’t say no to cake. And yes, your boss IS a rockstar. Whoa. I love your blog by the way. New follower.


  3. Christina @ The Athletarian says:

    Ok everything about this is amazing. I read that post on awesomeness and it was one of the best things ever. I’m jealous that you have a coach friend and I want to be friends with you guys too. Your boss is crazy amazing. And you and your family rock with your workouts this weekend! Have an amazing run! Hope it’s pain-free 🙂


  4. Rachelle Wardle says:

    So cool that your boss ran that. Man that is freaking amazing. Even better than that I am so happy you had a good 1 mile run. 🙂 Let me know how your run went yesterday.And seriously Paul is amazing. How awesome that he has been helping you and your Momma out. It is truly amazing what we can learn from these elite runners.


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