On our way to St. George!!

So we’re on our way to St George! WAHOO! 

We had a little blogger meet up last night at Yogurtland. Got to meet Amy and Terra, and catch up with my BFF, Janae, and chat with Amylee, Julia, & Rachelle.

Amylee gave me the sweetest note with a package of shot bloks. She just ran Top of Utah after dealing with an injury. And understands the mental struggle that goes along with marathon training and being injured. It was very sweet! Thanks Amylee!

This morning on our way out of town we stopped at Einstein’s Bagel to get a pumpkin bagel (with pumpkin cream cheese.  Yummy!!!)

My Momma bought me the book, “Run Like a Mother”. And even though I’m not a Momma yet, this book is amazing. I can identify with everything (except the mommy moments) and I’ve found myself literally laughing out loud many times.

And I’m rocking my Tommie Copper ankle sleeve. It’s not super tight. But apparently the copper has “healing” properties. Whatever. I bought a Zensah ankle sleeve, too. And I’ll wear that one tomorrow during the race because that one gives me more compression. And it’s pink. 🙂

p.s. forgive my pics. I’m blogging from my phone on the road!


7 thoughts on “On our way to St. George!!

  1. Amylee says:

    Hmmmm… tried to post a comment earlier but now it’s not showing up. Hope this doesn’t repeat, but here goes:Pumpkin bagel and cream cheese sounds BRILLIANT.Let me know how the compression sleeve pans out. I don’t own any because I’m C.H.E.A.P. but I’m thinking about investing in one for my knee. I would love to hear what one you prefer!GOOD LUCK!!!! I’M SERIOUSLY PRAYING MY GUTS OUT FOR YOU OVER HERE. I have faith that you are going to feel incredible and enjoy every minute of this race.


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