this is not a race recap…
I repeat this. is. NOT. a. race. recap.
these are 26 (.2) random things I thought about during the St George Marathon…
1. The first 5 miles felt glorious. honest to God. I thought to myself if the rest of this run is like these first 5 miles, I could possibly get a sub 4!
2. My achilles feels good.
3. Rock My Run makes some damn good FREE mixes.
4. I don’t remember Veyo being this steep (OR THIS LONG!)!
5. Pretty sure I’m getting blisters on both inside arches.
6. Where the HELL did all these HILLS come from?!
7. There is nothing WORSE than WARM lemon-lime gatorade.
8. There is nothing BETTER than COLD lemon-lime gatorade.
9. F-M-L. I’m only half way and my quads are hurting like it’s mile 20.
10. Surprisingly… my achilles is STILL doing ok.
11. Wanting to cry at mile 17 when a bystander was handing out otter pops to runners and he ran out just as I got to him.
12. OMIGAWD… it’s SO HOT. I can literally feel the heat rising from the asphalt.
13. Seeing two male (shirtless-HELLO back muscles) runners… and thinking, “hey, I can keep this pace.” 😉
14. Mile 14 was amazing. Gorgeous views. Awesome down hill. I ran this mile for a very special friend and her peanut.
15. Best sign at Veyo: “Don’t poop your pants! Don’t poop your pants!”
16. Calves are SO sore. WTF? am I cramping?
then leaning over on a curb trying to massage them and feeling like my calves are ROCK solid.
17. Thinking IcyHot would help my “ROCK solid” calves. Ehhh! NOPE.
18. Finally getting a popsicle at mile 24-ish and wanting to cry. It was SO good. and I had another excuse to walk. Can’t chew and run at the same time-total choking hazard.
19. Drinking SO MUCH water and gatorade during the race (and after), yet 24 hours after the race my pee still looks like Mt Dew.
20. okay… Maybe I can feel my achilles. But nothing compared the ache in my quads and calves.
21. Holy shit… How am I already at Mile 21? How did I get here? I could stop now. I could get on the shuttle and no one would judge me for it. I freaking hurt. DAMMIT, I HURT. WAIT… WTF- No, I got to 21, I can go a few more miles.
22. I have some amazing friends. SERIOUSLY.
23. Seeing Whitney at mile 25… jumping/skipping towards me. SO excited to see her. and so happy to have a chance to walk and chat with her to see how everyone else did. NOT so happy when she told me I had to start running again.
24. Best sign at Mile 24- “Running is ALL mental. and you are ALL INSANE”
(should probably get this tattooed- SO TRUE)
25. Listening to Skyscraper by Demi Lovato on repeat for the last mile. May be a slow song, but it got me pumped up and allowed me to PUSH that last mile.

26. so glad I did a kissy face picture.
.2 Fountain Diet Coke after the race… BEST THING EVER.
 I will probably do a race recap later this week.
for now, know that I am super stoked with my performance.
I finished in 4:42:05 and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

11 thoughts on “26.2

  1. Julia says:

    Best idea for a post ever. I thought about some crazy things during the race…if only i could remember them! Haha! And you always have the most badass race photos! Love it! Also…the signs literally got me through this marathon. Some of them were hysterical!


  2. Miss Erosion says:

    Loved this post!! 🙂 I am so mad we did not run into each other… the view of those two gentleman was VERY encouraging though huh? haha oh man. Well congrats on another marathon in the books for you, great job!


  3. Rochelle says:

    You are so cute…and I’m so proud of you!!! So wish I could have been there cheering you guys on!!! You better be doing Ogden again this year so I can be apart of the marathon fun!!!!


  4. Becky says:

    You are a ROCK STAR!! Wahooo! Love the kissy face photo. You look fantastic.Marathons are insane. So many different thoughts/emotions come over me when I’m running those long distances. I’m proud of you!


  5. Jen says:

    Love that race photo! Now that’s one worth the money! You are so awesome! I’m glad your achilles did so well. It’s hard knowing what to expect when you’re injured going into a marathon. And I’m glad you can see the accomplishment in finishing through really hard conditions! I think you’re simply amazing!


  6. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    Love the kiss face gorgeous girl. Hot gatorade is the worst ever. Um, Veyo scares me…I think I will avoid it at all costs if I ever run St. George. I can’t believe the heat! You are hardcore and my hero. When can I see you? SPIN!?!?!


  7. Amylee says:

    Best running picture ever! So you. Favorite moment:”Seeing two male (shirtless-HELLO back muscles) runners… and thinking, “hey, I can keep this pace.” ;)”Ha ha! Maybe we should hang a picture of Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy with his shirt off in front of us. I could chase that for a new PR…So happy for you! I’m so so so grateful your achilles felt good. Miracle!


  8. Riggz says:

    Pretty cool way to summarize the race. Can’t believe you remembered all these details! I usually have a hard time after races remembering things.Also much love for the shout out to Rock My Run. Glad to hear you’re feelin’ our mixes 🙂


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