Can you believe the weather around here lately??
When I left for work on Thursday there was snow falling…
not that it was sticking to the roads… it pretty much melted when it hit the ground.
but still… SNOW?!
doesn’t it usually wait until Halloween to snow?
speaking of Halloween…
I’ve had my decorations since mid September.
Once I feel like fall is coming I can’t wait to start decorating.
 trick or treat bowl!
because we live in the basement we never get trick or treaters.
so the bowl is now on the kitchen counter full of clementines.
Diz is a little disappointed it’s not full of candy. 😉
 trick or treat garland was a birthday present from Diz’s momma.
(in fact, a lot of my Halloween decorations are from his mom! She LOVES Halloween!)
trust me…
this is cuter in person. the picture doesn’t do it justice…
I still want to find some purple lights to wrap around it.
How was your weekend? Anyone race this weekend?
Who’s all decorated for Halloween?
I’m off to church and maybe some shopping afterwards! 🙂

7 thoughts on “HaLLoWeEN!!!

  1. Julia says:

    you have the cutest decorations!!! i love them!! and you are so good to have no candy…im waiting till the last possible second to buy any…otherwise i will be eating it for 3 weeks! haha!


  2. Amylee says:

    Seriously. Get to my house, right now, and make it as cute as yours!!! Are you the next Martha Stewart? I love Halloween, too. We decorated the other day and my son said, “That’s IT?!” Guess I should hit up some shops…


  3. Jen says:

    Love your decorations! I have about as many Halloween decorations as Christmas. Good thing my husband likes it as much as I do because he does a pretty cool scarecrow outside our house.


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