meeting my new BFF in real life!!

It has been a whirlwind of FUN since Ann got here on Thursday!
I picked her up at the airport and we headed to lunch at Faustina and we had the best turkey burger and smoked chicken salad I’ve EVER tasted. It would be worth the drive to SLC just for the burger.
After lunch we headed to Temple Square. We took a tour of the conference center and I actually learned a lot about the LDS church. And we got to see lots of great artwork and went out on the roof. Gorgeous views of SLC. Check out Becky‘s blog about our first day! She has lots of great pics! 🙂
pic stolen from Becky!
 we had a blast taking jumping pics (which was Ann’s idea!)
I think all the bystanders thought we were nuts… which is kind of true! Ha!

pic stolen from Becky!
But… we CAN be normal.
It’s just not as fun!
pretty pic of the temple! 🙂
After Temple Square we headed to Gardner Village.
I love Gardner Village during October. They have all the witches out and the decor is darling.
we walked into one store and found THE COOLEST hats.  
pic stolen from Becky!
me, Becky, Ann & Jen
gotta love it… elephant, penguin, crab, and the owl.
we were cracking up…

pic stolen from Becky!
Yesterday… we started the day by hiking along the Bonneville Shore trail.
We went 2 miles to the Y and then attacked the Y trail.
 the official blog photo! 😉
 gorgeous view from the Y
Yeah… we ROCK. 🙂
we got a little sun-kissed during our hike.
but the killer views were totally worth it!
what’s the best way to re-fuel after a hard workout??
 Mine, Ann’s & Janae’s yogurt.
they have a new pumpkin pie flavor… it’s life changing!
 Jen & Ann 🙂
Julia, Janae, Ann, me (see my cute new shirt from Ann?!), & Rachelle
we spent 2+ hours chatting about running and marathons and racing…
and scheming about a blogger team for the Colorado Ragnar Relay.
today… we have another busy day!
we’re introducing Ann to Cafe Rio and Joe Bandido’s
and we’re seeing
Becky, Ann, me & my Momma are going!
you’re jealous… I know!
Anyone else ever meet their BFF through blogging?
Ann and I we’re discussing how awesome blogging can be and how we can form amazing friendships with one another!
who said meeting people off the internet wasn’t safe?
I’ve met my husband and all my BFF’s that way! 🙂

6 thoughts on “meeting my new BFF in real life!!

  1. Lily says:

    That is so so cool that you guys have made a friendship from blogging. Looks like you had a really fun time. I am jealous of what you’re doing tonight to 😦


  2. Adrienne says:

    omgosh – i just linked here from ann’s blog and saw you met your husband on myspace! i did too! too funny. i’ve never met another person who has met their spouse on myspace – love it! 🙂


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