scrapbooking catch up

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done any digi-scrapbooking.
but I’m WAY behind. like a few years behind.
I’m finally done with 2007.
(and that’s mainly because the old lap top died and took a lot of our photos with it).
I’m scared of 2008 because that includes all of our engagement, bridal and wedding photos.
holy overwhelmed.
I’ve done a few pages for 2009.
Only ONE page for 2010, well… actually, I did the cruise scrapbook… so make that twenty-ONE pages for 2010.
and absolutely NONE for 2011.
So in order to catch up, I’ve been using a lot of quick pages (pre-designed pages where I just drop in photos and add some journaling) to speed up the process.
here are the pages I’ve done in the last few days…
blog-train freebie from Scrap MattersSo Thankful
blog quick page freebie from Britt-ish Designs
quick page from Jady Day Studio (no longer available)
made this one using Britt-ish Designs Animal House kit


quick page from Jady Day Studio (no longer available)
Made thisΒ using Jady Day Studio‘s My Favorite Thing kit (no longer available)


Do any of you scrapbook (digital or paper)??
Does anyone want to teach me how to use photoshop to scrapbook?
the program I use is kind of (really) cheesy…

6 thoughts on “scrapbooking catch up

  1. Julia says:

    ash!!! this is such a cool idea! i love it. i really like to scrapbook on paper…but I always put it off and am years and years behind with soooo many unfinished books. i hope some day I will go back to them but for now my blog is kind of my scrapbook πŸ™‚ miss you! we should get fro-yo this week!


  2. Jenny @ The Little J-Bird says:

    Those pages look great!! I wish I would scrapbook. I have so many pictures and memories that don’t have a home where I can revisit them. I’m just not super crafty. ;)If you find someone to teach you Photoshop, would you teach me too? πŸ™‚


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