i'm gettin' CrossFit!

Diz and I survived our first CrossFit workout on wednesday night. Jason was a great trainer! He explained all the movements/exercises to us so I didn’t feel like a total idiot. I figured I was in for an AWESOME workout when the warmup got me sweaty. One day I WILL be able to do pull-ups WITHOUT the band and I will do the Ring Dips without the modification.
the workout of the day (aka WOD) was
Box Squat
rest 2 minutes
Thrusters 135/95
the box squats felt a little awkward at first. I’ve never squatted with free weights, so I was really unsure of how I would do. But Jason was very encouraging and helpful and pushed me to work harder. Every set we increased the weight by 10-20 lbs. (I was working out with another ‘CrossFit-ter’ Lindsay). We started at 35lbs and by the last set we were at 105lbs. I really don’t think I’ve EVER squatted that much weight. I was pretty stoked.
Thrusters (I did 35lbs… not the recommended 95, SERIOUSLY?! 95lbs?)
omigosh. arms were like mush. MUSH. since my pull-up skills are lacking, I did Ring Rows instead. I feel like my triceps are already showing. πŸ˜‰
I went back in today for another workout…
I was very (VERY) naive in thinking that 10 minutes would hardly be a workout.
OMG. I was SO VERY wrong.
today’s WOD
2 minutes of bear crawls for distance
2 minutes of double-unders for reps
2 minutes of back extensions for reps
2 minutes of rowing for calories
2 minutes of knees 2 elbows for reps
(in any order)
so… I found out I suck at double-unders and knees 2 elbows.
knees 2 elbows are when you hang from the pull up bar and bring your knees to your elbows.
a double-under is when you jump rope and the rope passes under you twice on one jump.
yup… this chick did single jumps.
bear crawls made me feel like my head was going to explode and my shoulders were gonna fall out of their sockets. This was also when the trainer, Will, told me to quit sandbagging. :/
(apparently “sandbagging” is akin to “half-assing” a workout)
back extensions also make your hamstrings BURN like a motha’.
I somehow huffed and puffed my way through the rowing.
once the 10 minutes was over I walked in circles trying not to dry heave in front of everybody.
when I walked out to my car… I could barely lift my arm to get the key to the ignition.
my arms were J-E-L-L-O.
So I know I’ve only done 2 CrossFit workouts so far, but I love it.
I’m going back for more.
I’m gettin’ myΒ STRONG on.
all thanks to…

7 thoughts on “i'm gettin' CrossFit!

  1. ashley (redonk runner) says:

    how fun!!! i was studying up on crossfit a couple of weeks ago, obsessing. so want to try it!!!!!! i am HORRIBLE with crosstraining. case in point – my foot is hurting this week, so i haven’t exercised since tuesday at all. when i can’t run, i think there is no other possible form of exercise πŸ™‚


  2. kara t. says:

    I KNEW you were someone who likes a challenge! Think about how strong you will be in just a few short months. Running will be a breeze because all of your muscles will be so strong! #sub4ordie


  3. Amylee says:

    Why in the world doesn’t your blog update on my side bar?! Way to go on doing cross fit. All of the words you used just made me want to eat ding dongs- that’s kind of the same thing that you’re doing, right?


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