More Scrapbooking Pages…

It’s been a BUSY day!
I helped my Mom with her garage sale this morning.
we started setting up at 6am. it was FREEZING!
people started showing up around 7:30am and shopped til about 1:30pm!
It was CRAZY how much we sold!
I had a few other errands to run and then I finally got home around 6pm tonight.
Made dinner for Diz and I…
and I got the urge to scrapbook again. šŸ™‚
I really want to get caught up as quickly as possible.
So here are 6 pages I busted out in the last few hours.
all of them are quickpages. so they were fast & easy!
2008 is almost done!
(minus the hundreds of engagement, bridal and wedding photos)
Eva Kipler’s “Bring Back the 70’s” Quickpage (no longer available)
Eva Kipler’s “Bring Back the 70’s” Quickpage (no longer available)
ScrapMatter’s Collab “A Slice Of Life” Freebie Quickpage,
green chrome alpha from WM Squared.
Ellie Lash “Celebrate” Freebie Quickpage
Britt-ish DesignsJust Plain Fun” Alpha
Purple Tulip Designs “Too Cute Boy” Freebie Quickpage,
Britt-ish Designs “Animal House” Alpha.
WM Squared “Shabby Chic” Freebie Quickpage,
Elegant Wordart Freebie
Tomorrow should be a pretty fun day.
Mom and I (and maybe Joshie) will do a long(ish) run. I’m hoping for 8.
Mom may want to go farther. :/
Then we have a Halloween party with Diz’s fam.
I’m gonna be an angel, complete with wings, halo, and LOTS of glitter.
Diz is gonna be a punkin. šŸ˜‰
Happy Halloween!!

2 thoughts on “More Scrapbooking Pages…

  1. Ann says:

    LOVE the pictures. I don’t understand – what do you do with your digital scrapbook pages? Keep them in an online file, or would you eventually have them printed in a book? #NotAScrapbookerAlso – have fun today! Can’t wait to hear about the long run AND see pictures from the party!!


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