this is halloween!

Diz’s Mom had a halloween party on Sunday night.
We had quite the feast, and thanks to proper planning & execution
(*cough, cough* Diz & I *cough, cough*)
we got to eat 30 mins after everyone arrived.
we had pizza, bbq chicken, baked potatoes, steamed carrots,
a huge veggie tray, and a green salad.
I was pretty good during dinner, but finally succumbed to temptation when the dessert came out.
I had a couple pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and a sugar cookie.
SOOO delicious. and worth it.
My mom and I did a 10.6 mile run that morning… it all evens out…
now for the pictures!!
I’m an Angel (duh!) & Diz is a devil. gotta love the fuzzy devil horns.
Diz was taking pictures, so I of course bust out the ugly, awkward face.
I’m trying to be a photographer… ha.
I love LOVE love taking pictures of Jack.
he moves SO fast, so I was happy when I got a couple decent pics.
had so much fun playing with the purple halloween lights.
and NOT using my flash.
sock monkey.
do you see that face? he’s ADORABLE.
and had 2 costumes.
he was also Mickey Mouse.
Chase was a Ute fan. 🙂
he picked the right team!
Tessa was a mermaid! and was sparkly like me!
between the 2 of us we had glitter EVERYWHERE!
I normally don’t get too excited about dressing up at work, but this year,
my costume was pretty low maintenance.
I can imagine our patients confusion when they walked in and saw my Mom and I.
Angel & Devil at the front desk. 🙂
my angelic face and my mom’s ‘devil’ face. lol.
we’re so weird… honestly.
After work I headed to Viking CrossFit
for the “HELL”-o-ween WOD.
100 burpees
100 Pull-ups (or Ring Rows for me)
first time EVER doing a burpee… and I go on the day when we’re doing 100?!
go big or go home, right?
I felt like a bad-ass when we were done. 🙂
an extremely sweaty, hot-mess, bad-ass.
I hurried home, changed out of my sweaty clothes and Diz and I went to Josh’s house for chicken noodle soup and caramel apple cheesecake bars.
We watched “Hide & Seek” and passed out candy to trick-or-treaters.
Those caramel apple cheesecake bars were DIVINE.
best dessert ever.
I was accountable and looked up the recipe today and figured out the WW points for the serving I had.
Let’s just say I should have had a smaller serving.
HOLY shiz.
I had 1/12th of the pan (9×13)
which in hindsight… was TOO much.
but it was REALLY good.
wanna know how many points my serving was?
starts with a “7” and ends in a “teen”
yup. 17 points.
for reference- I get 29 points in a day.
oh well. I tracked it. and in all honesty, I’d eat it again.
(just in a smaller serving)
How was your Halloween?
Any fun parties? Any great food/recipes I need to know about?!

9 thoughts on “this is halloween!

  1. Sabrina says:

    Everyone looks so cute in their costumes, especially the sock monkey! My Halloween was low key, working on my to-do list. But how ankh them cheesecake bars? Send a sliver of one my way!


  2. Caitlin says:

    haha…i love ur write-up it is hilarious!! ur guys’ costumes were awesome, and i have to say that in my book, after those kinda workouts u have liberty to eat as many cookies as u want! 🙂 that’s at least wat i tell myself before i inhale my nom nom fest…lol.


  3. Julia says:

    you are rocking the crossfit! holy amazingness! way to go! and you look gorgeous in your pics 🙂 that cheesecake bar thing sounds like the most amazing ever!


  4. Jen says:

    What a fun Halloween! I’m so impressed with your new workouts! Holy cow girl! You are awesome! And you look so cute! My daughter was a half angel half devil one year. It SO fits her personality!


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