RIP Abby Dog

our sweet Abby dog went to heaven yesterday.
she had an amazing day on Saturday.
my parents took her shopping at Petsmart, she was having a ball walking around the
store checking out all the treats, toys and other puppies in the grooming area.
she got a bone-yo (our nickname for bones) and was in hog-heaven.
she even went to visit my Grandpa for a bit.
they came home and she seemed to be doing great.
when my Mom woke up on Sunday morning she knew something was wrong.
Abby was really weak and had a very hard time getting out of her crate.
after collapsing a few times, she seemed content to just lay and cuddle.
I went over around 7am and we all just snoodled with her.
her breathing was very rapid and shallow, her heart was racing,
and her tummy was more swollen.
she was loving the cuddles, but we could tell she wasn’t happy.
we knew she was suffering.
Abby passed away peacefully around 10:30am.
and while it was absolutely heartbreaking for us, we knew
she was up in heaven, greeted by my Grandma and cousin Brad,
and getting lots of love from Kelsey dog, which gave us some comfort.
Looking back over the last year…
Abby has been camping,
boating, 4 wheeling,
swimming at the lake,
had sleep overs with Diz & I and with Poshie,
been running with us,
& most definitely been spoiled rotten.
Found out she loves licking jello pudding cups, greek yogurt cups,
loves pretzels, macadamia nuts and cheese sticks.
(not that we fed her that stuff ALL the time, just every once & awhile)
Abby also loved licking the shower floor every morning after my Mom showered.
Loved her ‘baby’ (a stuffed sheep).
& most importantly, she loved us!
Abigail Shanaenae Wright
October 10th, 2000- November 20th, 2011

13 thoughts on “RIP Abby Dog

  1. kara t. says:

    So sorry to hear this Ashley, but glad that she is out of her misery!! You have such great memories with her, it sounds like she was one of a kind. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. Hugs from Denver!!


  2. susette says:

    I am a new follower and discovered we have a mutual friend, Nancy Christiansen. I saw in one of your posts talking about running a half marathon and you seeing her near the end. She is one strong, amazing woman for sure. You are amazing too with all your inspirational running!I read this post and cried. I know how sad it is to lose a pet. They truly become one of the family and when they leave this earth there is definitely a little hole in our hearts. Your Abby looks like such a sweet dog and I’m sure you guys will miss her for a long time.


  3. Julia says:

    oh friend! i cant even begin to imagine how tough this was for you all. pets, especially pups, are so special to us! it sounds like abby had a great life with you all and there are many happy memories to think back on! thinking of you and your fam!


  4. Cynthia says:

    So sorry to hear about Abby! I totally cried too as I had to put my 3 1/2 yrs old lab down a few years ago and it made me relive that day. We love them so much 🙂 I have a feeling it’ll be just as hard with my now 7 yrs old other lab when her time comes..


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