meet the newest Urie

It has been a crazy day! Started at 5:30am with my Mom and I going out looking for a present for Dizzle. We finally got what I was looking for (and almost got into a fight with some chick… no worries, we all know who would’ve won…) and we headed to the gym, busted out 3 miles and headed home to get ready for more shopping. We hit a few stores and headed up to the airport to pick up my Aunt Kimmie. We stopped at a few stores and eventually dropped Kimmie & the girls off at my Grandpa’s house.
and in all the craziness of Black Friday shopping, my Mom and I ended up at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Provo. We had a feeling they’d have some puppies outside-because they usually do. And sure enough, we walked outside and there was a sign for AKC Golden Retrievers.
and we fell in love.
I called Dizzle and he happened to be across the street at the mall. So he came over and once he got a peek at her, he wanted her just as much as I did.
and just like that… we were puppy parents.
the only catch… there were 2 other puppies.
one for my Mom & Dad and
one for Josh.
We sent all three puppies home (after we had paid for our puppy) and told them we wanted to bring my Dad & my brother over, because there was a large possibility that we’d all buy one.

the Daddy dog – Marley
BIGGEST golden retriever I’ve EVER seen.
gorgeous coloring, so mellow, and loving.

the Momma dog – Bailey
very loving, gorgeous color, and just a beautiful pup.
and they made the CUTEST puppy ever —
Olivia Ann Urie

My parents ended  up buying the puppy with white toes.
you can see her white toes on her back paws.
She is adorable. and HUGE.
and they are still deciding on a name, they are thinking Paisley or Hannah.
we took them to their first PetSmart trip.
Olivia kissing on my Dad.
We bought her a kennel crate, toys, & bone-yo’s.
(we also hit up Costco for a doggie bed and food)

Josh with Hannah/Paisley.

She’s all cuddled up on her bed.
She’s still a little unsure of her collar, and has no idea what the leash is for.
But she loves (LOVES) to cuddle.
Still haven’t heard her bark. Though she does snore a tad when she sleeps. 😉
I’m still kind of in shock that we are dog owners!!
it all happened so fast! But we are SO EXCITED.
p.s. when should we tell the landlords?!

13 thoughts on “meet the newest Urie

  1. Ann says:

    EEEEEE!!!! I made “eeee” and “awwww” sounds OUT LOUD as I looked at these pictures!! She is the CUTEST dog, and her parents and siblings are adorable, too. SO HAPPY YOU GOT A PUPPY!!!!! Love, love, love. And what an awesome middle name!


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