build-a-bear adventures

After such a rough & emotional morning of dealing with Abby’s passing
we headed up to SLC to hang with Dallas & Kris and the kids.
Susy (my mother in law) wanted to take the kids to Build A Bear for an early Christmas present.
It was a great pick me up and put some smiles back on my face after I’d been crying off and on all day long.
Get ready for picture overload!!!
Diz totally put the shorts on backward.
The hole is for his tail — not his wiener.
I helped Tessa get her polar bear dressed in her Christmas dress,
complete with shoes and matching hair bows.
Tessa & Snowflake
Chase got a puppy, and named him Fluffy.
He chose that animal because it looks like his dog, Chance,
who had to be put down from cancer, too. (just a few weeks ago)
This is when Chase told me he was sorry about my dog, Abby.
It was really sweet.
I hadn’t mentioned it to them (didn’t want to be a downer)
 but Kris must have seen on facebook and told the kids.
Chase was really sweet and gave me a hug and we talked briefly about how much it sucks to lose a good dog.

Jack napped for most of the trip, but finally woke up at the end.
and LOVED his puppy and his Lightening McQueen jammies and slippers.
Diz was in charge of the puppy for Jack.
it worried me that the shorts were on backwards,
can you imagine when he has to dress a baby?! LOL.
Jack giving the pup big hugs!
too cute.
Anyone else love Build A Bear? kids love it?
I know my niece and nephews love it!
A girl could go WILD with all those extra accessories! 😉

3 thoughts on “build-a-bear adventures

  1. Jen says:

    That looks like so much fun! We’ve taken our kids there before and it really is so much fun! I’m so sorry about your dog. That is really tough. And your new puppy is so adorable! So happy for you!


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