Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

Good thing Santa had already come or these puppies would have definitely gotten coal in their stockings!
 they are SO naughty with each other…
so ferocious!
crazy eyes! 😉
fighting over toys!!!
Christmas Eve and Christmas day were whirlwinds!
So much family, so much food, and lots of fun!
Christmas Eve night I went to mass with my family and then met up with Diz at his Mom’s house for a dinner.
Then it was off to my parents house to sleep & wake up for Christmas morning.
Then back home to shower and get ready,
then off to Diz’s Dad’s family party,
and then off to my Aunt & Uncle’s house for another family party,
and then back to my parents house to exchange gifts with Ashley friend.
We were supposed to see Diz’s Momma on Christmas Day to exchange gifts but we never could quite meet up.
So we exchanged gifts yesterday. 🙂
 Poshie on Christmas morning,
he’d kill me if he saw this pic! lol.
Daddy opening presents
Dizzle’s PS3…
(told him I needed more excitement for pictures- this is what I got)
in his defense-he knew he was getting one. I almost got arrested on Black Friday for getting into it with another shopper at GameStop.
okay—I’m exagerrating a little bit… but the girl was not nice and deserved a good punch to the nose… but I refrained… I mean, I knew Santa was watching. I had to be good. 😉
Because if I wasn’t good- I wouldn’t have gotten the coolest brush set (for Olivia).
similar to the ‘furminator’ style- but less expensive. it helps get all the undercoat out so she won’t shed as bad!
Santa brought Momma the new Limited Edition Wave Rider 15.
I’m a little (a lot) jealous…
Dad finally got his birthday present!
Weird… it was under the Christmas tree and not tagged… I should have opened it! 😉
Diz’s Mom got Olivia her first Christmas ornament! How cute!
plus 2 toys!
because she obviously needs MORE toys…
spoiled rotten pup.
I wish I had taken more photos… but in all honesty I was having more fun hanging out with the family!
We were SO crazy busy, but I love (love, love, love) that we are able to see all of our families for the holidays.
We’re very lucky that we don’t have to split up holidays. Everyone is close! 🙂
Santa was good to us this year!
We got a portable crate for Olivia
(similar to a port-a-crib for babies… it folds flat so we can take her with us if we’re traveling or staying overnight somewhere…
her plastic crate doesn’t fit in my jeep and Diz’s truck is full of tools, so it won’t fit in his truck bed either.)
Diz got his PS3, I got lots of workout gear (including the coolest neon green cold weather top that has reflective pigment fibers in the fabric so when I run in the dark I’ll light up (and not run over!) and it will totally go with my Tinkerbell outfit!!)
& I got a darling hoodie from Diz.
And my parents are taking us to Disneyland in January (the Tinkerbell Half!)!
Which is awesome! They are taking care of our flight and hotel room. So stoked. My Momma & Daddy rock. ROCK!
 My parents also surprised my nephew in Oklahoma over skype on Christmas morning. My brother, Jason, already knew they were coming, but we told my nephew, Jacob, that morning. He was pretty excited. (he was really shy & quiet on the computer- but Jason assured us he was jumping up and down in the other room! lol)
How was your Christmas?
Did Santa treat you well this year?

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