Goals for 2012

So I know I’m about a week late on the whole New Years Resolution thing…
Though, to be honest, I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of “resolutions”, people always seem to break them a few weeks in. So instead of a resolution, I’m gonna list some goals that I have for 2012.
1. Track every workout on Daily Mile. Runs, CrossFit, spin class, everything. I noticed on everyone’s 2011 recap blogs that everyone knew their mileage for the year. I’ve never kept track. So I’m not even sure what a realistic goal is. Josh has challenged me to run 1,100 miles this year. According to Josh’s calculations, 1,100 miles equates to about 3 miles a day. I’m thinking I should shoot for 1,200 miles this year. (The year is 2012, why not run 1200 miles?!) After tracking this week, I think it’s definitely feasible. Especially with training for Ogden Marathon and other half marathons this year.
2. Speaking of CrossFit, I just started at a new CrossFit gym in Springville. It’s called Elevated CrossFit and is literally 2 miles from my house. After talking with Tyson (the owner/trainer) we’ve made some goals. In addition to getting me my sub 4:00 marathon, we also want to work on my upper body strength, meaning I want to be able to do pull-ups, ring dips, push ups with out assistance or scaling. I wouldn’t mind being able to do a bodyweight squat or two, either.
3. Of course, my sub 4:00 marathon. I really hope this happens at Ogden Marathon on May 19. Things I need to do to make this as realistic as possible- keep running, go to CrossFit, and maintain a healthy weight. After the holidays, I need to lose 10-15 pounds to be at the best racing weight (at least that’s what I think…).
4. Be the best dog Momma to Olivia. Diz and I are loving this adventure of raising a puppy. I want her to learn some basic commands; sit, stay, lay, heel (when walking), etc. We pretty much have “sit” perfected. But I really want her to be a good running companion, so we need to work on that… big time. The vet said we can start running now, but to hold off on long runs and fast paces (which I’m not anyways) until her long bones are done growing (usually 7-8 months). So we have a few more months to get her “manners” perfected. Oh… and if we can get her to stop eating rocks, that would be great too.
5. Spend more quality time with family and friends. Go on more dates with Diz. Give and receive LOVE like there’s no tomorrow. Our family suffered a lot of loss last year and it’s made me realize how important family is. Not that I didn’t know it before, it’s just been made blaringly obvious by all the loss last year.
So here’s to 2012 being great in every way!!
What are some of your goals or resolutions?

8 thoughts on “Goals for 2012

  1. Ann says:

    Please add this to your “goals” – VISIT MY BESTIE ANN IN MINNESOTA!!!! 🙂 Love your goals, and I can’t wait for you to earn that sub-4:00 marathon. Cheering you on for 2012, here’s to another awesome year! ❤


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