Puppy Love

it seems like lately there hasn’t been a blog post without a picture of Olivia…
so here ya go…
isn’t she adorable?
she loves to sit as close as possible to us at all times.
so right now, that means under my chair while I blog. (just like the pic)
Love my pup. LOVE.
Also… I ran 12.75 miles today. And it kind of sucked.
My legs are still really fatigued and sore from all my CrossFit WODs this week, thanks to Tyson at Elevated CrossFit. And I did a pretty speedy progression run yesterday. Alas, my ass feels like I’ve been beat with a bat and my hamstrings are so tight, they feel like rubberbands.
So I need to foam roll, use my stick and stretch. Hopefully a day full of Olivia-snoodles and chillaxing on the couch will help too! 😉 The great thing about this run was that I got to run with Rachelle again! It’s been months since we’ve run together. (We also had a Yogurtland date last night! so yummy!)
Hey… did you see me on the AF Canyon Half Marathon site? Rachelle noticed my picture and FB’d me…
That’s right… I’m famous. 😉
p.s. I am totally signing up for this race. I LOVED this race last year. LOVED.
Anyone else do a long run today? anyone racing this weekend?
big plans for the weekend?
p.s. it’s Ann‘s (my BFF) birthday today! go wish her a happy birthday!
p.s.s. Stef is doing a Larabar giveaway on her blog. Check it out!


5 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. susette says:

    So cool! I think I’m going to run AF half as well this year. So many people said what a great run it was. I watched last year’s video about it they posted on facebook and actually saw Nancy Christiansen in it for a couple seconds. I’m heading to St. George to run their half next weekend. Looking forward to that!!


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    I loved running with you Saturday and quite frankly I’m impressed you could even go that distance while doing cross-fit. I can’t even walk after doing lunges. ha!Yay for the AF half!! I love it and can’t wait to run it again this year. 🙂


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