Puppy Lesson #3562

This cute little picture that seemed so funny when I pinned it on Pinterest
Just became REAL LIFE.
let me introduce you to Olivia “the doggie bed killer” Urie
off to Walmart for a new dog bed. I already tried to repair it once, she obviously has seam ripper teeth.
lil’ beast.

4 thoughts on “Puppy Lesson #3562

  1. Ann says:

    Biscuit did that with his toys, too. Although we didn’t have him as a “puppy”, per say, it was relatively soon after we got him. Now, he could care less. He’s not a toy-ruiner like he was.


  2. Monica says:

    I only allow myself to buy my dog toys, etc. on clearance because he usually destroys them so quickly. When he was a puppy he got into my shed and ate/destroyed my bike seat. Now that he is older he is a lot better, but he did destroy another bed this summer. Good thing they are so loveable, right?


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