missed it by THAT much!

Ever since Ann came to visit in October, I had planned on going to Minnesota sometime this winter. When I found out Jen, Prior Fat Girl, was doing one of her “One Breath, One Step” events this weekend I really, really, really wanted to go. However, flights were crazy expensive. And they never went down in price. So I gave up on the plan of going out there for this weekend.
But then, Wednesday morn, I had a twitter message from a friend, who was offering me buddy passes to fly FREE to MN this weekend. I jumped at the opportunity and immediately started making plans to surprise Ann. I had schemed with Jen and Ann’s hubby, Jay. It was the perfect plan. PERFECT. I was scheduled to arrive at 10:25pm and Jay was going to run an “errand” and pick me up at the airport. Well… it seemed like the perfect plan.
Until the shitty weather in the Midwest (i.e. Chicago) caused huge delays and cancellations. Which meant that all the empty seats that were there this morning, got booked by passengers who were trying to get home.
Which, is totally understandable. And I realize that this happens when you are flying stand-by (aka using a buddy pass). But it just seemed like SUCH A FANTASTIC IDEA. And I kept thinking… this has to work. this has to work. this has to work.
But… it didn’t.
My original flight to Denver filled up, so I got bumped to a flight that was headed to Phoenix, which had a wide open connection to MN. But the flight to Phoenix was booked with, apparently, a mile long list of stand-by passengers. And I was on the ass-end of that list.
So I’m back home. In Springville, UT.
shit. damn. hell.
I figure if it was meant to be, it would have happened.
But, seriously, the travel-gods should have took note.
I, Ashley Urie, had all my stuff packed into a CARRY ON suitcase.
now… my loving, awesome, fantastic blog readers… understand that I am the QUEEN of over packing.
I always have a few extra outfits (in case of spills, stains, changed my mind on what I wanted to wear), extra shoes, etc.
But I had it all packed in one TINY suitcase.
granted, I planned on pretty much using all of Ann’s bathroom stuff. I basically packed my toothbrush, makeup, deodorant and hair brush, and that’s it. Y’all should be impressed.
And, now, that I’ve had time to dry my tears, and lick my wounds… I realized that I probably would have had a horrible time coming home on Sunday, because the Sundance Film Festival just started, and everyone and their famous Momma’s would have been flying into SLC.
So as much as I am bummed out that I’m missing out on a fantastic, surprise visit, an amazing event, and meeting some amazing bloggers. There’s always next time.
And in all honesty, I’ve been a damn nervous, anxiety ridden, crazy person today. I think I’m too type A & too OCD to fly stand-by. I don’t do well with the ‘unknown’. I like to be in control. πŸ˜‰ So, I’m checking for flights later this spring. I hope I can find a great deal and that way I can have a guaranteed seat. And… the weather in MN will be in the positive range, not -11* with a windchill to -27*.
Happy Friday. :/
P.S. Wish my Mom & brother POSHIE “Good Luck” they are running the St George Half Marathon tomorrow morning.
P.S.S. my Mom is on DailyMile. You should ADD HER AS A FRIEND. πŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “missed it by THAT much!

  1. Ann says:

    OOOOMMMMGGGGGGGGGG, bestie. I totally miss you and it would have been THE BEST surprise ever!!!! Thank you SO SO SOOOO much for trying to come, and for orchestrating a surprise!!!!! WE’LL SEE EACHOTHER SOON!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thinking of you this weekend!!!!!!


  2. Amylee says:

    That is DEPRESSING!!!! The weather never works how you want it, does it? I can only say that because it rained out my outside wedding. In freaking August.However, in this case, the thought TOTALLY counts! I can see Ann’s comment and it’s obvious that she was so excited for just the thought. You are an awesome friend.


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