Puppy Snow Adventures

Olivia loves to play in the snow. LOVES.
She sat and whined at the door all night long because she wanted to go play.
So this morning she got to play. LOTS.
And we watched through our windows. 😉

yum yum yum… SNOW!

she was jumping like a deer, back and forth, back and forth.

snow beard

this is my snowball bitch. back off. 😉

 After playing in the snow all morning, she was one stinky pup.
so I gave her a bath.
and she hates me now.
sad face

AHHH! trying to dry off by wiggling like a maniac!

“Mom, I can’t believe YOU would do that to ME!”

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10 thoughts on “Puppy Snow Adventures

  1. Monica says:

    Loved the pics. People think i’m mean because my dog stays outside all winter, but he generally buries himself in the snow and has a great time (he is a Siberean Husky)


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