Disneyland Vacation: Day 1

 We woke up at the ass crack of dawn, otherwise known as 3am and were out the door by 3:40am. When we got out to the truck, my Mom started hysterically laughing. I was being a grumpy beast and was like, “wtf? why are you laughing at me?!” (fyi – I don’t do sleep deprivation well)
yup… we wore matching outfits.
this happens more often than I’d care to admit.
2 peas in a pod.
same shirt, same necklace, same coffee
(and a much better mood once I was properly caffeinated with a pumpkin latte)
Gawked at some CrossFit games stars at the Long Beach Airport
(which is quite possibly the smallest, ghetto-est airport I’ve ever flown into)
the girl in the gray hoodie and black pants right in the middle is Kristan Clever.
She won the CrossFit games in 2010. That’s pretty bad ass.
I’m pretty sure the girl on the left is another CrossFit athlete, she had legs of steel.
I should have gone up to them, but I wasn’t sure who they were at first. I knew they had been on the 2011 CrossFit games, but I couldn’t google fast enough to be 100% positive.
anyways… back to Disneyland.
Once we got to our hotel, we took off to the expo, picked up our park hopper tix, sent the boys on their way. We totally rocked our Team Sparkle skirts at the expo. And we got SO many compliments.
The Tinkerbell Half Marathon expo was AMAZING.
so many great vendors. cute clothes.
Grabbed lots of Luna Bar samples.
picked up our swag bags from Team Sparkle.
(they were offering swag bags to girls who wore their skirts to the expo – you know I have no shame)
and I totally gawked at Kelly.
she was super busy and I was super nervous about saying something to her.
“Hi Kelly. I’m your blog & twitter stalker. Nice to meet you.”
So I just walked away… without saying anything.
But I tweeted her later and she was totally bummed she didn’t get to meet me.
bahahaha… just kidding.
But we did go back the next day and I finally got the nerve to admit that I was her stalker.
and it was awesome. and she was super nice. and she remembered that I invited her to crash my Mom’s neighborhood turkey trot over Thanksgiving. She gave us some last minute tips on how to wear our Tinkerbell wings for race day. Love her. 🙂

Got to see the REAL TINKERBELL!
so cute!
me & the daddy-o

We finally made it back to the park in time to eat some lunch and ride a few rides.
my days have all kinda meshed together, but I’m pretty sure we rode Star Tours, the submarine Nemo ride (snooze…), and… umm… hmm… I think that was it. The boys had already ridden Indiana Jones and Jungle Cruise. I hate that I can’t even remember what rides we went on that first day. I think I’m getting Alzheimers. seriously.
no… wait…
I remember now.

We went on Splash Mountain.
Put Dizzle in the front and he got SOAKED. So did my Mom.

and well, I got a little wet.

Josh was basically dry. punk.

he was soaking wet! 

 then we went on the Haunted Mansion.
that ride never gets old. it’s just awesome.
the boys got a little crazy at Rainforest Cafe.
such a pretty froggie 😉
Joshie, Jason (my other brother) and my nephew Jacob.
I’m so glad that Jason’s first picture on my blog is of him in a pink princess hat. LOVE IT.
and that’s it for day 1…
stay tuned for the winner of my Sparkly Soul giveaway!
who’s going to win???

6 thoughts on “Disneyland Vacation: Day 1

  1. Amylee says:

    I can’t even imagine all of the fun you had! I love Disney!!! I do think that you are as cute as the real Tinkerbell.Rainforest Cafe is one of my favorites. I’m never that impressed with the food (or the price!), but the atmosphere keeps me coming back every time.


  2. Ann says:

    blog-stalking is totally legit. How do you think we found eachother?!??? Duhhhhh. 🙂 love the vacay pics – looks like the boys still had fun, too!!


  3. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Totally loving these Disneyland posts. I could read about your trip all day long. I freaking love that you and your Mom were wearing the same shirt and that you wore your skirts to the expo. You two are just so cute!!


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