11 Things (and 11 more)

So my bffIRL (best friend forever, in real life) Ann tagged me in her “11 Things” post. I realize just about every blogger out there has been tagged already (and posted). Leave it to me to be the last one. 😉
1. Do you have any furry family members? If yes, roll call. Photos get you extra points.
Anyone who has been reading my blog these last months can answer this. Ms. Olivia Ann Urie (yes, her middle name is Ann. after her Aunty Ann in MN, aka bffIRL) came into our lil family in November. You can read about our adventures with her here, here, here, here and here.
2. What’s the biggest accomplishment you’ve achieved in the past few years?
Pretty sure my marathon PR at Top of Utah back in 2010 was pretty spectacular. I took 42 minutes off of my previous time. I ran the majority of it with my Mom and my wonderful friend Brittany ran me in the last 6 miles. Best.Idea.Ever. You can read my race recap here *warning you… it’s a long one. but you’ll love it. just read it*
3. Favorite TV show?
GLEE! I went to their concert with my Mom after Ogden Marathon last year. I have downloaded just about every Glee song from iTunes. If you put my ipod on shuffle you’d hear Glee 4 out of 5 times. The only genre of music that rivals my Glee collection is all my Christmas music. 😉
I’m also a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries. Stefan and Damon. freakin’ yummy.
After last week’s episode, even Klaus is looking pretty hot.
4. Have you ever colored your hair? Did it turn out great or not so great?
I get it highlighted. I’ve heard too many horror stories about bleaching your own hair. I am a blonde. Leave it to me to get something screwed up and turn my hair orange.
5. Does your body wake up at a certain time each morning? How accurate is your “internal clock”?
I set an alarm during the work week (and most Saturdays for long runs), but if my alarm didn’t go off, I almost always wake up around 6am.
6. Where do you get your news from? Online, radio, or TV?
I read a lot of local/national news from KSL. I get my gossip news from my fav radio station in the morning. 😉 I rarely watch the news on TV.
7. Favorite celebrity couple?
ummm… Me and Dizzle. OBVI 😉
8. Have you ever had to assemble anything – Ikea furniture or workout equipment? Was it successful or not?
When Diz and I first got married we had to put together our kitchen table and TV stand. I basically watched as he assembled. They’re still standing, so I assume he did it right! 😉
9. Do you love the hot shower or the cold shower?
OMG. Hot showers. Like almost burn your skin hot. Nothing better than a hotter-than-sin shower after a long, cold, run. 🙂
10. Favorite alcoholic drink – beer, wine, mixed drink?
I like fruity “girly” drinks. When we went on our Caribbean cruise I indulged in a few Pina Coladas. So yummy.
11. What are you doing right now? Are you a multi-tasker?
drinking coffee, watching “A Walk To Remember”, and blogging.
The “rules” technically require me to share 11 additional facts about myself.
1. I use self tanner. I hate being pale. But after the AF Canyon Half last summer, I refuse to step foot in a tanning bed again.
2. I met Dizzle on MySpace. no joke. I’ve saved all our emails. Match.com ain’t got nothin’ on MySpace.
3. My Momma is my numero uno best friend forever. We do everything together. We shop, we run, and work together. In fact, we often show up in the same outfit.
4. I.LOVE.COFFEE. but mostly… I love Peppermint Mocha creamer.
5. I haven’t had a Diet Coke since October 31, 2011. I rarely have a craving anymore. The only time I really miss it, is when we are having mexican food at Joe Bandidos.
6. I’m a Twilight lover. Don’t be a hater.
7. I’m addicted to CrossFit. I proudly drink the CrossFit Koolaid.
I love (LOVE LOVE) Elevated CrossFit. Tyson wins best CF trainer, ever. I’ve been PRing left and right since I started working out with him
8. I want to do the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge next year with my Mom. like really, really, really want to. After Tinkerbell, I think I may be addicted to Disney races.
9. Olivia may have temporarily cured my baby hunger.
10. I love shoes. running shoes. high heels. toms. flip flops. love ’em all.
11. I’m addicted to Pinterest. I can waste a TON of time on there. ohmygawd.
And the 11 people I tag are…
umm… I’m pretty sure I’m the last blogger out there who has been tagged. so if you’re like me and haven’t been tagged… consider it done. 😉
now… tell me a random fact about you!

6 thoughts on “11 Things (and 11 more)

  1. Christina @ The Athletarian says:

    I loved everything about this post. Mostly, that you like burn-your-skin showers. I thought I was the only crazy person out there! I seriously have bright red skin when I get out of the shower! Your mom looks like she could be your sister…seriously. You can tell that the both of you take care of yourselves really well!! Great pictures and one last thing…I want to steal your dog!! So so SO super cute 🙂


  2. Ann says:

    Thanks for the shout-out(s), IRLBFF!!! You rock. And not surprising, I ALSO love a hot, hot, HOT lobster shower. It’s called “lobster shower” because it reminds me of when you look a lobster in boiling water, it squeals this high-pitched noise. And your skin is sometimes pink like a lobster. 🙂 fun post today, Ash!!!


  3. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Freaking love this!! I love you and love that you and your Momma are best friends. Makes me feel not so guilty about being so ridiculously close to my family. I think we need to go to YL on Friday? yes please!!


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