Pizza Factory Date

So Miss Janae‘s birthday was earlier this week and I told her I got dibs one night this week to take her out to celebrate.
We went to Pizza Factory, of course.

Megan was able to join in the fun as well.
Love these girls!!
We chatted and ate huge salads for almost 2 hours. ο»Ώ
talked about our upcoming races, CrossFit, boys, and work.
I wish we could eat dinner together every night! I am so lucky to have such great friends!
My salad is on the left and Janae’s is on the right.
I’m pretty proud. Pretty sure that this is my largest salad I’ve ever built.
the key is lining the plate with cucumbers and using pretzels to help hold more toppings in.
oh, and a second scoop of cottage cheese to ‘glue’ more toppings on.
I told our waitress that we were celebrating Janae‘s birthday and she brought out a dessert pizza… and it was SO good. yummy, doughy pizza with cinnamon and sugar with frosting on the side.
Thanks for sharing Janae! πŸ™‚
it was sooo good that I forgot to take a pic. I was too busy eating the frosting straight from the cup to get my camera out. but trust me… it was good. πŸ˜‰
Happy Birthday Janae! Love ya girl!

8 thoughts on “Pizza Factory Date

  1. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    I want to reach in and eat that salad all over again. Thanks for taking me on a date even though I didn’t get dolled up for you. It is confirmed that I want your hair and your jacket and your hot bod. Seriously though..when are we going rollerblading?


  2. Kellie Knapp says:

    What I wouldn’t give some PIZZA FACTORY!!! Words don’t even express how jealous I am of your hot everything, but mostly your hair. LOVE it. OK, you are gonna think I’ve gone nuts…So you know me, NEVER RUN MORE THAN A MILE IN MY LIFE. Seriously. WELL two nights ago, because of YOUR tinkerbell half marathon post, my BFF and signed up for the Disney 5k over Labor Day!! I know a 5k isn’t much, but for a girl who DOES NOT RUN, hasn’t exercised in OVER 2 years and is 1 year post back surgery… it’s HUGE! Plus the whole race is IN Disneyland, so it was like DUH, start with a bang!So thank you for inspiring me to run the happiest 5k on earth! You are for real, SUPER motivating SMASHLEY!!!! <3! Miss you!


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