On Friday, at Elevated CrossFit we did the CrossFit Games first Open WOD.
which was AMRAP (as many reps as possible) Burpees in 7 minutes.
(our automatic response when we hear that our WOD includes burpees)
Sarah, Tanner, Joe and I went first. We got all our stations set up and got the music pumping!
For an “official” burpee you have to touch a target that is 6 inches above your outstretched arm.
Not sure what everyone’s scores were, but I got 71.
which is pretty much what I thought I’d get.
I was really just hoping for anything over 50!
Tyson and Dillon did the WOD after us.
Tyson is competing in the Open.
So 2 of the guys kept score while I took pictures.
this is Dillon. he’s a bad-ass skier and cross-fitter and coach. 😉

this is Tyson. Elevated CrossFit Trainer. He rocks. ’nuff said.

 Dillon again. (that’s Alan in the background!)
check out them abs…

yay… burpees…
(the aftermath)

Tyson and Dillon
they LOVE burpees! 😉

Dillon – he killed this WOD. I think he got 126 burpees. Seriously.
the kid is an ANIMAL.
earlier in the week we had a handstand challenge (I won!) and we wanted to repeat it after the burpee WOD.
it was Tanner, me, and Ryan.

Ryan dropped before we could get a pic.
so this is Tanner and me.
I know it looks like I’m having a stroke. but I’m not. I’m just concentrating really, really hard.
 no worries, I won. (again) 😉
I’m laughing because the boys were talking crap about how competitive I am.
me? competitive? no way…
Anyone else out there competing in the CrossFit Games Open??
You can do the WOD a
nd post your score before 5pm tonight,
so you still have time!
I know there are some of my FitFluential Ambassadors that are competing.
(I’m not competing in the Open, but we will do all the WODs at ECF.)
Hope you’re having an amazing weekend!

14 thoughts on “YAY BURPEES

  1. michael. mindy. dane. says:

    my husband is doing the open! he’s been doing crossfit for a few months and is obSESSED! sounds like you did awesome! i hate burpees, so i think i could maybe do…3? in 7 minutes? haha. probably more truth to than that i want to know.


  2. Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny says:

    I just had to delete that comment by Josh because I didn’t realize my husband was signed in. I am not competing in the Open but we did this WOD at CrossFit and I was hoping to get at least 50 and I ended up doing 66! thought I was going to die. Also I am hoping for more next time. I am also a bit competitive myself. Nice work on the handstand!


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