Purgatory Gun Club

Last weekend my family headed down to St George to visit my Grandpa.
We drove down early Saturday morning and went to breakfast first, then headed to Purgatory Gun Club in Hurricane.
but this year my Mom wanted to practice trap.
so we each did 2 rounds of 25.
I had a BLAST!
I did fairly well… considering I hadn’t even picked up a shotgun in a year.
We didn’t really keep track of my score. But I’m pretty sure I got somewhere between 15-20 each round.
Poshie is a great shooter. He’s been going up to Spanish Fork Gun Club with my Mom and he’s rockin’ it.
My Momma stood behind me and coached me the whole time.
She’s a great coach.
the key to hitting the targets is leaning forward on your front foot and smushing your cheek on the gun.
That way, when it kicks back it doesn’t smack ya in the face. 😉
Dizzle did pretty good too!
He was shooting left handed with a right handed gun. Poor guy.
I missed.
I cursed. 😉
Josh caught it on camera.
Momma & Daddy
It was GORGEOUS weather in St George.
I completely understand why people ‘winter’ in warmer climates like St George.
I’m kind of hoping my Grandpa stays in St George a little longer this year so we have an excuse to head down for a weekend. 😉
Anyone else shoot trap? sporting clays?
I’d love to learn how to shoot a handgun. Maybe I can convince Diz to take me to a gun range. 😉
and buy me a super nice shotgun. or pistol. or both.

5 thoughts on “Purgatory Gun Club

  1. jillconyers says:

    Very cool. I’ve shot handguns at a shooting range but not so much as an interest but trying to impress a boyfriend haha. At the time I was sure I wanted my own handgun. Then, no boyfriend and no desire to own a handgun. I haven’t thought about this in forever.


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    3 things. Love your Moms jeans. Seriously she looks like she is our age. I mean sheesh I hope I look half as good as her when I grow up. Love these pictures!! They make me want to go to St.G so bad! And lastly you are a total badass! So so awesome.


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