my (first) official (kipping) pull up

On Monday at Elevated Cross Fit we did Cindy.
which is AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 mins
5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats.
It’s a tough WOD.
(though I’ve yet to have a WOD that wasn’t tough)
there was a new girl there on Monday night.
Her name is Jenny.
Jenny is a badass.
and was doing pull ups without a band.
I was watching her form.
girl had some serious kipping action.
During the WOD I was able to use less and less assistance bands.
I went from the thick green band, down to 2 skinny red bands, and eventually just 1 skinny red band.
I was feeling really strong.
I got 12 rounds and was only 3 squats shy of completing my 13th round.
After I cooled down a bit, I decided I wanted to try a pull up without a band.
And I was GOT ONE (maybe two, I think I got high enough)
and slipped off the bar on the third kip.
Well… I guess my hands had more than enough.
and I ripped calluses off both hands.
I somehow missed in the conversations before the WOD that Jenny is a trainer at another CrossFit gym in Utah County.
Not gonna lie… I was definitely pushing harder because she was working out right next to me.
Seriously though. This girl was kicking butt in the WOD. And I was inspired.
Tyson told me when I slipped on the 3rd kip he was just getting ready to tell me to stop being an overachiever.
yeah… I can’t help it. I’m competitive. and I wanted to do the damn pull up.
and I did it.

Olivia is clearly worried and wants to check out my wounds. 😉
After I twittered and facebooked and dailymiled my acheivement
(thanks for all the encouragement and congratulations! it made my night)
a company called RIPT Skin Systems tweeted at me.
and told me to check out their product.


RIPT Skin System comes with 3 products: Quick Fix, Daily Dose and a Grind Stone.
They told me to enter their contest on Facebook (you can find their page HERE)
all I had to do was post a picture of my hands to their wall and I could win a RIPT kit.
and I WON!
Excited to try it out! The Quick Fix would have come in super handy on Monday night. 😉
it forms a barrier to start the healing process.
The Daily Dose is supposed to keep your hands soft and pliable to prevent tears. And the Grind Stone obviously will thin out the calluses, but still keep them tough.
Can’t wait to start using it.
I’ll let you know how it works once I get it!
Any fellow CrossFitters out there have any other tips in the meantime to get my hands ready for the next CrossFit Games Open WOD, which includes Toes to Bar.
(the thought of hanging from a bar makes me want to cry right now)
Anyone else have any fitness acheievements this week?
HELLO?! I freaking DID A PULL UP!

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