long run problems…

the schedule for this weekend called for a 17 miler.
but my Momma and bro had a trap shoot to go to up in Ogden on Saturday, so we had planned to do our long run on Sunday.
I wanted to do something on Saturday, and Diz and his Dad went to the gym for father/son bonding time so I headed to my Mom’s house to run on her tready and watch some TV.
I ran 8 slow & steady miles and watched a few episodes of the OC (season one).
Anyone else a huge fan of the OC?
I was obsessed with this series and it’s been fun watching them again.
and I’ve decided I want to name my first boy Cohen.
after Seth Cohen. aka Adam Brody.
I wanted to finish the episode I was watching, so I jumped on my Mom’s exercise bike and went for about 40 minutes at an easy intensity.
and then I basically bummed around all day.
I sat on the couch in my workout clothes all day long.
I napped with Olivia.
pretty unproductive. ๐Ÿ˜‰
So Sunday morning when I woke up for our 17 miler
I realized right away that my lower back was KILLING me.
shall weย rewind to Friday night?
Pretty sure the back pain was because of the CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.3 that we did
at Elevated CrossFit on Friday night.
It was AMRAP in 18 minutes
of 15 Box Jumps (20″), 12 Push Press (75lbs), and 9 Toes to Bar
I really wanted to do this WOD fully rx’d.
But my hands weren’t handling the Toes to Bar
(even after Tyson taped them – Thanks Tyson! Next time I’ll get better athletic tape!)
so I had to use a band to help take some of the weight off my hands.
But I was able to do the push press at 75lbs! woot!
I ended up with 5 rounds, plus 15 box jumps.
so… that’s why my back was killing.
or so I’m guessing.
(but I’m still pretty stoked I was able to do the rx’d weight for the push press)
back to the run…
I took a few advil and hoped that my back would loosen up as I got running.
But it never really did.
and then about 7 miles into the run, I realized that my pants were splitting in the crotch.
ya see… I have big (strong) legs. I tend to literally wear pants out in the middle. Like my legs rub together and the fabric gets holes in them. and I get something I like to call ‘chub chafe’.
I’ve always had problems with this.
for instance
I wore an old pair of capris on Monday and didn’t realize that they had holes in them until I was already at the gym, running. Hence, I got some wicked chub chafe. Like holy-shiz-hurts-like-a-motha chub chafe.
So I threw that pair out as soon as I got home.
Then on Wednesday night, when I got to to Elevated, I had to hurry and change. Again, I had packed an old pair of capris (I was lagging in the laundry department), we started warming up and I realized I had HUGE holes in those capris. Like can’t even try to hide it. Luckily I had a pair of tempo shorts in may bag and just threw those on over my capris. (that would have been SO embarrassing!) Threw that pair away when I got home.
back to the run…
I got to about 11 miles and I was almost in tears.
I just wasn’t feeling it.
My back was killing me.
My chub chafe was killing me.
My stomach hurt.
I was just done.
so I called Diz.
I sent my Momma and Josh on their way.
and I got a ride home from Diz and Olivia.
Sometimes ya just gotta swallow your pride and go home. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I knew better than to try to gut out 6 more miles.
I knew I didn’t have to push myself.
I feltย better after a shower and rolling out my back.
this week at ECF was pretty tough. and I think my body was just worn out.
I know I’ll feel better tomorrow and I’ll be back out running like nothing ever happened.
Anyone else suffer from chub chafe?
what do you do? I use body glide. but sometimes even that isn’t enough.
Anyone else have to bow out of a long run early?
this isn’t the first time, and it probably wont be the last.
life goes on. ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “long run problems…

  1. Tyson Henrie says:

    I don’t get chub chafe, but I get other kinds of chafe, that’s for sure. Glad you bowed out and didn’t keep going. Sore back was probably aggravated from push presses for sure. We’ll have to watch out for that in the future. I also want to watch you run when you’re fresh, and when your beat down and see how you do what you do.


    • ashley & sundance says:

      I remember you mentioning pose running. I’m willing to try it out! I’m sure my heel striking isn’t helping me out at all. Anything I can do to make me a better, faster, more efficient runner… I’m game!And my back is feeling so much better. Thanks to the lacrosse ball!


  2. Ann says:

    I dont understand all of your cross fit lingo other than you arev totally kicking butt. I’m glad you didn’t push yourself and get injured!! Here’s to another week of training and healthy living!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Rachelle Wardle says:

    I hope you are feeling better today girl. I definitely think we can all relate to bowing out of a run. Sometimes it is a matter of being smart and it sounds to me like you made the smart choice.


  4. Becky says:

    I totally thought of you this weekend as Jason was doing the Crossfit 12.3 workout. He tore his hand up and was bleeding all over the place, and I thought “Oh no!! Poor Ash!! Her hands will never survive this!” I’m glad that you taped up and used the band. Let those babies heal up! (also, your hardcore status has officially been cemented by those photos last week)PS–today Jason was talking about how sore and tight his calves are from the box jumps and how he is hoping to eek out 5 miles today. Then I read your post and realized you tried to run 17 miles on those same tight calves. The fact that you hacked out 11 miles on those calves is freakin phenomenal. Short version of my comment: I’m impressed.


    • ashley & sundance says:

      Oh!!! I feel bad for your hubby! Tell him to super glue or use gorilla glue to keep his raw skib covered. My hands are still a little tender! And my calves were killing me yesterday! I never thought that it would be because of the box jumps! P.S. we need to hang out. I miss your face!


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